First Sevilla, now Barcelona... this is a dream coming true!

At the beginning of 2020, I made the choice to look for a job in Barcelona. This idea actually started to form a month after I quit working in Sevilla. I guess I really canยดt stay at one place ๐Ÿ˜‰

The reason why

The biggest reason why I choose Barcelona is my boyfriend. In March, he moved there, just 2 weeks before the whole Corona situation lit on fire in Spain. After working for a while in The Netherlands and not being able to travel, I started to look for jobs in Barcelona.

Because why not!? Itยดs a new, bubbly and international city; very different from Sevilla. Also after living together, I wanted to do that again. I can say: him living there, made the choice much easier to move to Spain again.

August 2020

In August 2020 I went to Barcelona for a month. The biggest reason: to see my boyfriend after 5 long months and also to have some kind of holiday, even though we tried not to go out that much. In that month I was actively searching for jobs. Even at bicycle tour organizations, I loved doing that in Sevilla.ย 

Sadly, because of Covid-19, they were not looking for anyone. But then Tripadvisor invited me for a talk, Tripadvisor! Which traveler doesnยดt know Tripadvisor!? Well, itยดs actually TheFork, an organization that is part of Tripadvisor, but I couldnยดt be less excited. Then I got the job! Sounds too good for words right!?

Barcelona Spain

So at the beginning of September, I started working as a customer care specialist for TheFork and I am still in a training to understand more and more. Itยดs a completely different job from anything I have done before (I worked in a clothes store, a restaurant, and in the field of pedagogy), but I do like it so far.ย 

Barcelona Spain


I wonder what it would be like to work in Barcelona without Corona in the world. At the time of writing restaurants just closed for 2 weeks, Madrid is in lockdown and everyone is wearing masks outside the home. Normally I am sure it would be much more crowded with tourists, I do enjoy this, even though I donยดt know what it was like.ย 

Today I also decided to take Spanish classes, but these will all the online and self-study. It is super fun to start with learning Spanish again, but I also have to admit that this situation doesnยดt make meeting people much easier. Anyway, I am not complaining. I feel grateful to be living in such a cool, pretty, and world-known city. I am still not as in love with Barcelona as I am with Sevilla, but that might come when time passes. I hope so!ย 

Right now I am living just for one month here in Barcelona, but I promise you that many blogs will come about my life in Barcelona. So stay tuned!ย 

What is your opinion about Barcelona? Do you like it? Where would you really like to live once in your lifetime? Let me know in a comment below!

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain

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