Hello, I am Seyamie and I love to travel. I want to share stories about my travels and my adventures of living abroad. Hopefully I can convince you to travel or even live abroad as well!


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Culture shock: Moving from Thailand to Netherlands as a teenager

Hi, I am Kesini! I am 23 years old, and I am originally from Thailand. I moved to the Netherlands when I was 10 years …

How to work in Cape Verde as an expat
Hi! I am Samantha, a 28-years old Dutch lady from ChiMotion Lifestyle. Nice to meet you! I spend over 5 years of my life as …
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What's it like to live and work in London?
Hi! I am Asvin and I am living (and working) in London since I was 9 years old. I am from Netherlands, but I moved …
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Studying in Australia as a teenager
Hi lovely travellers, I am Ilse from the travelblog op reis met Ilse and I welcome you to read about my adventure living in Australia …
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What´s it like to study in Madrid?
Hi there fellow vagabonder, my name is Naivedya and welcome to my small but eventful sojourn at Madrid. I am from India and the lure …
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What is it like to live and work in New Zealand for 1 year
Hi! We are Lizette (34) and Leon (30), aka The Salty Beachbums. We are two Dutchies who love to travel. Around May 2018, we left …
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What’s it like to live and work in Barcelona? (+prices!)
Want to know what it is like to live and work in Barcelona? Whether it is because you are planning to move there or just …
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What’s it like to live in Paramaribo (Suriname) for 13 years?
Hi! My name is Anja and I lived almost 13 years in Suriname, also known as Dutch Guyana. It is a small country in South …
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Cultural differences in Netherlands, Spain, Mozambique and South Africa
Hi! I am Marianne! A Dutch yoga teacher that is living in Mallorca (Spain) and has lived in Mozambique and South Africa. I am looking …
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Living and working in Florida: Sun, sea, beach and hurricanes?
Hi, I am Daphne! I am 25 years old, live in the Netherlands and I worked in Florida for a bit longer than a year. …
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What's it like to live and work in Murcia?
Hi everyone! I’m so thrilled to say something true about the typical dreamy cliché “living abroad near the sea.” I’m a blogger and internet nomad …
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What’s it like to live & work in Taiwan?
Hi! I am Shu Ting, a 24-year-old Taiwanese girl I have been living in Taiwan for 23 years, lived one year in Europe (mostly in …
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