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I don't know where to start! I don't have time for this! I don't know which place to choose!

Is this the first thing that comes into your mind, when you are planning to make a trip? Are you worried you can’t find all the correct information, even after looking at it on the internet for several hours? 

Let me ease your mind, because I can help you! Travelling is my passion and for several years I have been trying to find the best deals and if I look back at a trip and I know I have missed a place… I can’t handle that. So you can easily say my geography is up-to-date, I know where and how to find the best deals. Lastly, I also love to organize and plan for others.

From Spain to Jordan or Australia… wherever you want to go, I want to go and I would help you with love with all your struggles. 

Whenever a friend asks me for travel advice, I am the happiest person in the world. Calculating budgets, exploring the travel route, understanding the documentation. If you are looking for someone who can help you with that, I am your girl! 

Hi it's me!
That girl with the difficult name, but less difficult passion; Travelling and living abroad!
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Personal travel advice
Personal. Independent. Honest. Organised. But most of all: passionate about travelling.
Living abroad?
I have lived in the Netherlands all my life + I lived in Spain over 1.5 years, so I have quite the knowledge about living in both countries
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Want to live abroad and don't know where to start?

Have you finally taken the step to get out of your comfort zone and to move abroad? How brave and cool! 

I know from experience you will have to arrange a lot, housing, a job, documents… and it can be super useful to have someone that can help you out with putting on paper what actually needs to happen.
Let me be the right person for that! Even though I might not know everything about the location you will move to, I know my ways to do research. 

Imagine yourself already with your sunglasses on your head, cocktail in your hand and let me make that imagination come true. 


How does it work?

Let me do the work and take care of your worries. I will make sure you will receive a complete travelplan. 

Personal travel guide
Palau de la musica Barcelona Spain

First of all, we will get to each other so that I know all about your preferences. We can do this through a phone or skype call.
Then the moment I think I have enough information about your dreamtrip, I will work on your travelplan. Accommodations, activities, tips… it will all be included.

Once done, I will send it to you in a pdf, so you can always keep it with you during the trip. Please let me know before the trip if I have to change anything about the plan, so your trip will go smoothly.
Of course, I will be available during your trip if you have any questions. 

Ohla rooftop Barcelona Spain

Why would you choose me as a travel advisor?

  • I have a big passion for travelling and living abroad, I am a so-called born traveller 😉 
  • I am super enthusiastic to help others have their dream trip
  • There are no hidden costs, because I work independently 
  • I have a lot of experience in organizing, planning, and making trips
  • As I lived in Spain for over 1.5 years, I am an expert of Spain + expert of the Netherlands as it is my home base. 
  • But you can ask me about all destinations around the world

Travelling is like an addiction; a very expensive addiction, but also a healthy addiction

Good to know

  • We can discuss (almost)everything 
  • I am not connected to a travel organisation 
  • You will book yourself through the links that I will send you 
  • It will all be based on my own experiences 
  • I can’t influence any of the costs or availability  
  • You will receive your own personal travelplan within 1 week

Even if you have other travel questions that does not include a full travelplan, I can try to help you out, so don’t hesitate. Just send me a message!

How to spend 2 days in Warsaw the capital of Poland


Individual help for a trip 

Help with the search of: 

  • Accommodations, 25 euros 
  • Visa information, 25 euros 
  • Plane tickets, 25 euros 
  • Tours and/or activities, 25 euros 
  • Hiring a car, 25 euros 

Individual help if you (want to) live abroad 

Help with the search of: 

  • Accommodations, 25 euros 
  • Visa information, 25 euros 
  • Plane tickets, 25 euros 
  • Jobs, 25 euros 
Or all of these combined, including handy tips for 90 euros 

Full travel plan

Your route per day, including: 

  • Full travel route
  • Highly reviewed accommodations 
  • Practical tips 
  • Highly reviewed activities and tours 
  • Hiring a car 
  • List of prices
– A trip of 1 week costs 50 euros 
– A trip of 2 weeks costs 75 euros 
– A trip of 3 weeks costs 100 euros 
– A trip of 4 weeks costs 125 euros 


''Seyamaila planned a complete trip the Algarve region in Portugal. From accommodations to eatery suggestions, they were great. I personally loved my boat stay in Culatra and the Indian eatery outlet Lagos! A great travel coach and one I would recommend for your travel plans to be awesome!''
studying in Madrid
Trip to Portugal

Do you want more information? Le's connect and see what the possibilities are. The first conversation is free!

I can’t wait to see you in my mailbox! 

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