You definitely have to go to Montjuïc during New Year´s Eve! It´s an amazing place, where you have a beautiful view of the whole city! 

What will 2021 bring me, or better said, the world? With this whole pandemic going on, New Year´s Eve 2020 was very different as I would have expected on that same day one year before.

I celebrated New Year´s Eve 2019 in Sevilla, and I could never have imagined I would be celebrating that same day one year later in Barcelona.  Not just did 2020 not go as expected, it still brought fun experiences. Working in Barcelona was definitely one of my highlights of 2020. 

Now you are going to celebrate NYE in Barcelona! Are you here on holiday, working or studying? 
It does not matter what you are doing, as long as you go to Montjuïc! 

Barcelona New Year´s Eve
Lovely lights at Plaza de España
Barcelona New Year´s Eve


Corona was the reason we almost did not go out, but on the last moment we decided we had to go. I mean, as far as we knew, we might not be in Barcelona next year. We also decided to not go too early, to avoid people. 

We also decided to go to Montjuïc, because the view over Barcelona is just amazing there! 

Whenever you are visiting Barcelona, you must have visited Montjuïc! 

So around 11 we walked towards Montjuïc, reached within 30 minutes and there was still enough place to sit on the stairs. It was not too crowded luckily! 

Barcelona New Year´s Eve
The amazing view from Montjuïc!
Barcelona Christmas
Fun lights at the Rambla
Barcelona New Year´s Eve

Around 12 it started to become more busy, but the good  vibes remained. There were these guys dancing on Arabic songs, which was so fun and we had the best view of the whole city! 

This was definitely a great decision! The view from Montjuïc is of course amazing. Especially when you see fire works going off all over the city, with a group of fun people around you, who still kept the appropriate Corona distance. 

I have seen pictures and videos (like the one below) of the whole road from Plaza de España to Montjuïc being blocked, with many concerts. This year sadly not, but if this will happen the next years… I want to go back to Barcelona to see that! 

See the video below for the fireworks and the view! I loved it, but then when you look at the YouTube video below of how it used to be in 2017… Wow! 

12 grapes tradition

So in Spain, there is a tradition around grapes. When the clock ticks 12, you have to eat a 1 grape on every second. This symbolizes 12 months of luck ahead. 

So the first seconds after the clock ticks 12, it might be very quiet, as everyone will be focusing on that. 

This is so funny, especially when it is your first time, because you have to try not to laugh. You will either laugh so hard you won´t succeed, or you must be very focused and not be distracted by anyone or anything. 

Barcelona New Year´s Eve

Other fun places

Even during Corona times and many restrictions, we still had a lot of fun during 2020´s New Year´s Eve. 
I hope the next years the situation will get better, because then NYE will be even more fun. Unfortunately, I don´t think we will be in Barcelona by that time, so please have fun for me! 

I have heard these places are also fun to go on NYE: 

  • Bunkers El Carmel: Another amazing viewpoint where you will see the fireworks all over the city. 
  • Placa Catalunya: What else would you have expected? During normal years it is absolutely packed, but I think it would also be super pretty. The Christmas lights there were insanely beautiful 
  • Tibidabo: Even if you can’t enter the amusement park or the church, there are enough viewpoints to witness the fireworks over the whole city! 
  • Opium Barcelona: Should be having kick ass parties. There is also a large terrace so you can overlook on the sea, that must be amazing to see with the fireworks. 

Make sure you go early!

It was already packed without tourists, so I think it will be even busier once Corona is over and tourists are coming back!

There are many more clubs and places to go. We checked out this website, before we went to the Montjuïc. Next to that, there are many more websites where to celebrate NYE best. 

New Year´s Eve is one of my favorite holidays! Whether it is playing games with my family, celebrating it in Sevilla with friends of having this amazing view of Barcelona! 
Even though New Year´s Eve was not as cool and there were not many things to do like other years, I think I was still very lucky to have witnessed this! 
Where did you celebrate NYE in 2020? And how was your best NYE ever? 

I don´t know in which year you will read this. But I want to wish you a very good New Year´s Eve and please stay safe!

P.s. I shared my experience of New Year’s Eve with Reisgelukjes. She wrote about it in Dutch. You can read the full article here! 

Best New Year´s Eve spot in Barcelona + 12 grapes tradition

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