Time flies when you are having fun!

There it is, my time of working in and enjoying Sevilla is almost over. Just one more month! The 18th of February is the day I will go back home, to the Netherlands. I knew this day would come, but I do not want it to come. I am still really enjoying my time in Sevilla. 

Reason to go back 
Now I hear you thinking, why are you going back if you don´t want to leave? Well, my boyfriend is going to study in Barcelona. Super cool for him! I moved to Sevilla mainly because of him, I do not want to stay in Sevilla if he´s not here. Besides that, do I not earn much in Sevilla and I studied pedagogy in the Netherlands, so I really want to gain experience in this field in the Netherlands. 

Pedagogy is a difficult field to work in abroad, because I know how children in the Netherlands are, how the laws are there and because I can speak the language. I am learning Spanish, but not enough to be able to work with children and of course children here are very different as in the Netherlands. 

Now you also know what I am going to do when I am back in the Netherlands… working. I am still looking for something right now. 
And with my boyfriend it will be a long distance relationship again. Which is going to be hard, but we are used to it. 

Plaza de Espana Sevilla Retouch app 2

What to do this last month?

One more month in this beautiful city means for me that I have to do everything I want to because it´s not clear when I will go back to Sevilla. So here is my list of things that I still have to do: 

1.Boyfriend // Enjoy the time I have with my boyfriend. Make memories, have good conversations, watch a lot of movies on Netflix and take lots of cheesy photos with him. Which he loves as you can understand 😉 I need to have a pic with him at the riverside!

2. Tours // Enjoy the last tours I do as a tour guide at Andalucía Tours and Discovery. I really enjoyed being a guide, learning about the rich and interesting history, telling stories to enthusiastic tourists, meeting interesting, inspiring people, and showing my favorite places of Sevilla. I can not wait for the last tours!

3. Restaurants // Go to my favorite restaurants in Sevilla. I wrote a blog about my favorite restaurants. And most of these I need to visit another time. I need to eat the patatas bravas at La Antojería (and maybe take some home for my friends that also studied here), eat at Al-Sultan, because the food in my hometown in the Netherlands is boring. 
Eat nachos at Goiko Grill and buy the cookies (note down: maybe take them home for my family).
I did go to Al Solito Posto last week to eat my beloved Regina pizza for the first time in 1,5 years again, yumm! I have taken new Sevillians (like au pairs) often to Cocome this year. And I often eat the delicious ice cream at la Abuela and Llaollao.

4. Macarena // Go to places in Sevilla I have not been to yet. First is the neighborhood Macarena.
This used to be one of the poorest areas of Sevilla but is renovated in recent years and you can find lots of trendy stores. I have cycled through this area, but never really explored and taken any photos here. In this area, you can find a famous basilica and I have read about a lot of cute corners and squares. And of course, I need to see if there are any nice restaurants here 🙂

5. Exposition 1992 // As a tourguide I have studied about the exposition we had in Sevilla in 1992. It was held here because it was 500 years after the discovery of America by Columbus. And he planned his trip in the Cartuja Monastery, which is close to the exposition site. There are many buildings that are all empty now, but the Pabellon de Marruecos is still pretty to see. Learning and telling the tourists this, I find it obligatory and very interesting to visit this important site. Because of this site, the airport, direct train lines to Madrid, and more were created.

pabellon de marruecos sevilla

6. Aquarium // I have heard many good stories and read positive reviews on Tripadvisor, so the aquarium is one of the things I would like to visit.
It might be a bit on the expensive side (15 euros, while the palace of Sevilla is 13 euros), but I would like to visit it and see if they also have belugas, which turned into one of my favorite animals after visiting the aquarium of Valencia.

7. New restaurants // I would like to visit some new restaurants. My boyfriend came across a Korean restaurant and the menu looks really good. It´s called Han´s Cocina Koreana and I need to go there!

8. Presents // I need to buy some typical Sevillian/Spanish stuff for me, my family, and friends. Of course, I bought a large number of presents when I studied in Seville and when I went home for Christmas in 2019. 

This time I would like to buy a few Cola Cao. This is chocolate milk powder and the child I took care of in the time I still was an au pair, loved to drink this for breakfast and I also started to love it. So I need to buy this for myself and for my family. I also want to buy ´Orange´ wine for my family (especially my dad, uncles..), because this wine is typical for Sevilla.

Have you ever been somewhere for a while and how did you spend your last days in that place?

Sevilla Spain Cathedral
The Cathedral of seville

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