What to do if you are in Sevilla for more than 3 days and already followed my 3 days itinerary?

Yayy you are going to Sevilla! How fun. I can imagine you booked a trip to Sevilla for more than 3 days. Especially when you want to do the things in a slower pace. I would say 3 days might be enough if you want to visit just the highlights. But when you go in the summer it might be really hot and then I would recommend you to go to Seville for more days. 

What do after those 3 days? (Are you going on a Monday btw? That is a very special day with many discounts – look at this list on what to visit on a Monday) Or what if you are a student going to Sevilla and you have a few months to spend there, like I did. In this list you can read a few unusual things you wouldn´t have thought of at first. 

1. Archivo de Indias

Go to the Archivo de Indias, which is located between the Catedral and Palace, on Plaza del Triunfo. This is the General Archive of the Indies where,  you can find all the documents related to the Spanish overseas possessions between the 15th and 19th centuries. It is free to visit and also on the UNESCO World Heritage List! 

Av. de la Constitución,

s/n, 41004 Sevilla

Sevilla Archivo de Indias

2. Plaza del Cabildo

Plaza del Cabildo is a small square close to the Catedral. It is decorated with frescos, on marble columns and you see the remains of an old Almohad wall. It is not big, but nice to see, walk through and take some photos. On Sunday morning there is a market held here, with mostly coins and stamps.

Plaza el Cabildo,
41001 Sevilla

Plaza del Cabildo is a small square close to the Catedral.

3. Lagoh

Visit the biggest shopping mall of Sevilla! Not only can you find here many, many shops, but also lots of restaurants, even the Five Guys is here! There´s also a huge trampoline park, you can surf and many more things. Definitely a must if you want to shop or escape the heat. But, be aware that it is quit far from the center of Seville. 

Av. de Palmas Altas, 1,

41014 Sevilla

4. Monasterio de la Cartuja

The Monasterio de Nuestra Señora Santa Maria de las Cuevas in Cartuja used to be the place where Christopher Columbus was planning his second voyage. His remains were buried in here for some time after his death. Right now it is a Contemporary Art Center with lots of art. If you are an art fan I do recommend you to go here. 

This place is also quit far from the center, so be aware of that! 

On internet I see that it will cost you 3 euros to visit this museum, but when I visited it in February 2019 it was free to enter. I hope it will be for you too. 

Calle Américo Vespucio, 2,
41092 Sevilla

Monasterio de la Cartuja Sevilla
Monasterio de la Cartuja Sevilla
Monasterio de la Cartuja Sevilla

5. Torre Sevilla

Since November 2019 it is possible to admire the view over Sevilla from the Torre de Sevilla, aka the ´Lipsticktower.´ I love the view from la Setas, but this tower is even higher! It is 180 meters high, which makes it the highest tower of Andalucía.  I never had the chance to see the view from here, but I can imagine it is stunning. It costs 8 euros for adults. 

Calle Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, 2,
41092 Sevilla

Sevilla river Spain
You can see the Torre in a distance

6. Macarena

They say it´s Sevilla´s most authentic area. I have to admit that I didn´t visit this area often. But it is cool to see a part of the old city wall and the Basilica de la Macarena is the thing to visit in Macarena.

Here you can see one of Seville’s most loved virgins, la Macarena de la Esperanza. 

Sevilla Macarena
The city wall
la Macarena de la Esperanza.
Basilica de la Macarena

7. Jewish exhibition

In the middle of Barrio Santa Cruz, the Jewish quarter, you can find a small Jewish museum. It is named Centro de Interpretación Judería de Sevilla. If you are interested in the fascination history of the Jews in Sevilla, you definitely have to visit this museum. 

I went here because I was interested as a tour guide. I have to admit that the museum is very small (about 4 rooms) comparing to what you have to pay for it (6,50 euro). But it is interesting and I am happy that the women at the entrance could speak English and explained me about the Jewish remains in Santa Cruz. 

Calle Ximénez de Enciso, 22,

41004 Sevilla

8. Santiponce & Italica

Italica is a well-preserved Roman city in Santiponce. You can find here many remains of when the Romans reigned in Spain. The amphitheatre was the third largest in the Roman Empire. Italica has applied for Unesco World Heritage status and it is free to visit for European citizens. It´s only 10 km from Sevilla and very easy to find by bus. Besides that scenes of the final season of Game of Thrones were shot here! 

When you are done with Italica, I recommend you to also visit Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo. This Monastery is free to visit.

Italica Spain - Games of Thrones
Italica Spain - Games of Thrones

9. Pabellón de Marruecos

This pavilion is close by the Monasterio de Cartuja and very pretty to see.  The exposition of 1992 was held here in Cartuja because it was 500 years after the discovery of America by Columbus. There were pavilions of almost every country of the world, but you can also see an Arian Four Rocket. Definitely a weird area of Sevilla and this is the prettiest one. 

Edificio EXPO92 P Marruecos, 1,
41092 Sevilla

pabellon de marruecos sevilla

I hope you have an idea of what to visit if you are in Seville for a longer time! Which one sounds most appealing to you? 

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