Getting lost is one of the best ways to discover Sevilla!

I am not kidding, I discover the most random places by getting lost! Right now I still get lost in Sevilla at least once a week, because my sense of direction is very bad and I don’t understand my Google Maps all the time. I am living in Sevilla for 2 months now. 

Besides that, Sevilla has a lot of narrow streets, which are beautiful, but a nightmare for people with no sense of direction (like me). 

One time I got lost and discovered the neighbourhood Triana. This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Sevilla where gypsies used to live. That time I saw a nice dance class on the street. 

Another time when I was lost I discovered the Aldi, a famous supermarket in the Netherlands and apparently also in Spain. So after saving that place, I actually went back there a couple of times! 


Then another time I was hungry and tired after a long day of school, so I wanted to go home as quick as possible. But on this adventure of being lost,  I discovered a mysterious place where were a few tourists and since this day I still don’t know what it is exactly.

It was located in a very narrow street, behind gates and there were some statues. I should have made a photo of it or saved it on Google Maps, because I still am not able to find that place again. It will be sad to never be able to find that mysterious place again. It looked pretty cool! If you know which place I am talking about, let me know! 

I think I have to get lost on purpose one of these days. Together with a friend, otherwise I will never find the way back home haha. Oh boy, what being lost can do with a person! 

Have you ever gotten lost and did you discover something new, cool or maybe mysterious like me?

Sevilla Andalucía Spain - La setas view.
La Setas. Amazing place for some good views over Sevilla.

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