Sevilla I am back!

Yesss, after studying in Sevilla for four months and falling in love with my boyfriend during those few months, I wasn´t quite sure what to do next. I was about to graduate and I was done with going back and forth to my boyfriend every two months. So I decided to return to my favorite city for a longer time. But a longer time also means you have to pay a lot… which basically means you have to work. So as a Dutchie who doesn´t speak Spanish that well… what kind of job could I do? 

Sevilla Archivo de Indias
At Archivo de Indias


So after thinking and discussing with my boyfriend, I decided to apply to something which sounded very interesting to me: being a tour guide. Very challenging as I hate presenting. But also super cool, because I love travelling, working with people, teaching and I couldn´t wait to learn more about my favorite city. 

Two organisations
So in June I went to two organisations to attend a tour and one of the organisations I liked so much, that I knew that I wanted to work for them. Still super scary, but my motto is that you have to keep challenging yourself. 

Tour guide in Sevilla

Then from June on, I starting thinking about a second job. I couldn´t challenge myself enough haha ;). This was, because I knew I would have a lot of free time and you don´t get paid that well as being just a tour guide. 

Because I studied pedagogy (social work with children), I wanted to do something in that field of work. 

There the second job flew into my life, being an au pair! An au pair is like a nanny, you have to take care of children.

In a few weeks I found a lovely family and luckily the timings of both of my jobs fit together. I couldn´t wait to get started! 

Tour guide in Sevilla

Tour guide

Right now I am working as a tour guide and cycle with more or less 14 persons for 3 hours through this amazing city… every single day!

So far I only have done the tours in Dutch, which is very easy for me. I have done some walking tours, which is also very cool. The people of both of the walking tours had problems with their body and that´s why they couldn´t cycle.

Sevilla bicycle

Walking tours

To hear their stories was very inspiring. Besides that I have done private tours (with 2 or 4 persons), which I also like a lot. One time there were three young ladies that were half Spanish and they gave me the best recommendations on where to go. Lots of fuel for my wanderlust haha. Later I actually went to those places, which you can read about here. This tour is still my favorite so far, I also told the ladies, that those tours are the ones why I choose to become a tour guide. 

Until this day I try to study everyday new things about the city and visit new places, because I want to be the best I can. 

Free walking tour

Yesterday I also did a free walking tour and got so much new information. It is so nice to share stories of the city and it´s history, because there´s is never one story about a part of the history in Sevilla. That is also a reason why being a tour guide in Sevilla is so cool. I can give lots of reasons why the history of Seville is rich and beautiful. 

But if you really want to know about that, you have to do a tour with me 😉 (With Andalucía Tours and Discovery or Baja Bikes (the mother company))

P.S. want to see me work as a tour guide? Watch the video below! 🙂 

Au Pair

After being one week with the host family I knew this wasn´t what I wanted, so I told the family I would just stay until December, instead of February. The more the weeks flew by, the less I liked being an au pair, while I loved my job as a tour guide. So then in the beginning of October I decided to stay until the end of October, so I would have time to find another au pair for the family. I am still very happy with that decision. 

Not the job for me

I did not like it that much, because I did not feel like I had freedom, did not like the choirs that much and had to do a lot of cleaning. Besides that I felt like I was always working, because I was living with them. These are things I don´t like. I am not going too much in detail, because of their privacy.
Think well before you start becoming an au pair. I know people who did not like it, just like me. But I also know some who absolutely loved it and are still part of the family. 

Right now (November 2019) I am living with my boyfriend, doing my job as a tour guide and have time to work on my blog, which I also love to do! At the moment I am still very happy with my decision to come back to Sevilla and to be a tour guide. 

My lesson for you today is to keep challenging yourself, go out of your comfort zone and find a job you might find really scary, but also very cool and challenging. You will get so much of it! 
Another lesson for today is: if you are not happy with the situation you are in, change it! Don´t keep doing it if it makes you unhappy. Life is short and you have to enjoy it to the fullest! 

Okay, enough wise words for today.I have to study now for my first English tour tomorrow! Challenging again, but I can´t wait! 

Sevilla tour guide
We saw these sunsets so often in Sevilla. Just amazing!

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