You are going on a surprise trip to….

Prague! Yayy!!

You are going on a surprise trip to Prague! Yay!!

Well actually that was not my first reaction. I had bought this surprise trip on a Dutch website called VakantieVeilingen. After a few days I got an e-mail which, the Dodo I am, did not read clearly.
So I scrolled to the end and saw… you are going to Prague. Whuutt… no! I do not want to know! Luckily after a few days my excitement to visit Prague and my excitement to tell my friend grew enormously. 

Not only was this the first time that I did a surprise trip, It would also be the first I would be travelling with a friend, so scary at one side, but my excitement was everywhere! 
When I was very young I had been one day to Prague, but I couldn’t remember much. I had heard Prague is very pretty and my expectations came out more than I knew.

We had just 2 full days in Prague, so we wanted to make the best of it. The first day we went straight out of the plane to the city. We walked and walked, went to old town, Charles bridge and we climbed the stairs to Prague Castle square.

After seeing just these things I was in love with the city! It has so many beautiful little corners. Excuse me, but the view from the Castle is just incredible. If you did not see this view, you did not go to Prague. 

Prague is like a fairytale with a pretty street around every corner, amazing views and the most interesting, pretty historical buildings. 

For the second and last day we made some plans instead of just walking around. I wanted to go to the neighbourhood New Town and my friend to a fabric store, as she likes to make clothes. 

Another fun thing we did was going to a free small Jazz concert. I never listen to Jazz music, but this sounded nice and I am happy we did it. The concert happened at a a small underground bar called Jazz Republic and a few really good artists performed. It´s not something I would have done so quick normally, but it was surprisingly nice. 

When thinking of Prague now, there is always some Jazz music playing in the back of my head. 

I am not Seyamaila as I would not get lost haha. As we had some troubles with figuring out the metro, we just hopped out on of the stops and suddenly we had this amazing view over Prague Castle by night.  

I have said it before, but sometimes getting lost in a city is the best thing to do to discover the best places! 

Coloured houses everywhere!

After enjoying this view, we got on the right metro this time and witnessed beautiful church (St. Ludmila) with a Christmas market. Prague and Christmas markets… can it be more dreamier! 

Just walk around, you will see hidden spots with the most stunning architecture everywhere. Visit Old Town for the interesting history and places that are UNESCO World Heritage and New Town for some shopping. Everywhere you go in Prague, it’s beautiful! 

One last thing… try the Trdelnik! Some people say it is typical Czech Republican, some people say it isn´t, but it still is delicious as hell and you´ve got to try it. 

This surprise trip was short, but a very good choice! 

Have you ever been on a surprise trip? 

The Trdelnik
We came from the plane directly to the center with our suitcases.

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