Secret code for a pizza!

My first week in Sevilla. I unpacked my stuff, met my roommates and explored Sevilla. 

One of my roommates was in Sevilla for a longer time, so of course I had to question him about the best restaurants. We spoke many many times about his favorite place, where you can have amazing pizza´s. 

So one of those weeks we decided to go to one of this restaurant to eat his favorite pizza, yayy! He would invite more people over! My first contacts in Sevilla and good food, I couldn´t ask for more! 

Pizzas that are normally around the 12 euros are on Tuesdays only 5 euros!
Sounds like a dream! The only thing you need is the secret code you can find on their Facebook.

Last year I went to that place almost every Tuesday, mostly because my roommates were also going there, which was fun!



My roommates and I did a lot of promotions for this (why are we so stupid?), by telling everyone at our university about the 5 euro offer… So after a couple of weeks, it became very crowded on Tuesdays at Al Solito Posto (I will never forget that amazing name by the way)

Sometimes there was not not even space for us to sit! So I advice you to be on time at the restaurant, because otherwise there won’t be any place left. 
I really wonder if after 1,5 years it will still or again be crowded with students from my university…  I need to go there again for that delicious pizza. 

Oh and if you want to taste their best pizza, try the Regina. Everyone I have spoken with have told me that they love this pizza. The ingredients are: Tomato sauce, 300 g of buffalo mozzarella and basil. Yummm.
The only disadvantage is that this pizza isn´t 5 euros, because it is a special one. 

I hope I gave you inspiration on where to go in Sevilla! Hop hop go! 🙂

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