In this blog I will write about one of my favorite things in life: (no not travel this time) Food! Even when it was not possible to go out to restaurants during the restrictions of Covid-19, we ordered food and experienced the best flavours this way.
So... if you want to eat anything else but tapas when you are in Barcelona, then check this list! There are various types of restaurants, from Indian, to Korean, Pancake places or do you prefer a Vegan place?

Cremat 11

The passion fruit pancake… wow! It´s way too good not to try! I have been here twice now and both times had the pancakes, while I normally prefer to taste other dishes. I only found the raspberry lemonade a bit too sour for me. But other than that: go here! Make a reservation beforehand, because there isn´t much place. 

Oh and if you can not finish your dish, like me, you can take it home! I have to admit that I left some fruits, so I could also take that home and they never gave it to me. But other than that did it also tastes very very good at home. 

Carrer Cremat Gran, 11

Cremat 11

Baby Jalebi

I have been to many Indian restaurants in my life. Not just because of my Indian boyfriend, but also because it´s one of my favorite cuisines. But this one is high on my list of favorite Indian restaurants. They have things I have not tried before (Gol Gappe and Kulfi in the shape of ice cream). For a wicked Indian flavor, you must go here. 

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 450

Indian Food
Gol Gappe
Indian Food
Butter chicken
Ice cream

Vegan Junkfood Bar

The name says it all: you can eat junkfood, but the vegan way! I am not vegan (yet), but I have heard many stories about this restaurant from back home. 

This restaurant originally is from Amsterdam and when you look at the menu you can already see that from the names: Kapsalon, Bitterballen, and others!
I badly wanted to go every time I went to Amsterdam, but it never happened. So when it opened here in November, we went there in the first weeks! 

So even when you are not Vegan, still go here! I did not taste the difference and it was bloody delicious! 

Carrer de Manresa 4 

Vegan Junkfood Bar Barcelona - favorite restaurants
Vegan Junkfood Bar Barcelona - favorite restaurants Spain

Made in Sicily

Yummmm! On our second anniversary my boyfriend and I stayed at an Airbnb in the Gothic quarter and wanted to eat out somewhere.
The first place we visited was a pizza place and we got the biggest pizza I have ever had in my life. 

Next to that it was huuge (the package was the size of my torso), not that expensive (14 euros), it was in fact also mouth-wateringly good! 

Even though it was immense, we still managed to finish it that night, it was that good. Now the question is, what was the restaurant called? I think it was: 

Made in Sicily 
Carrer dels Escudellers, 35, 08002 Barcelona

Me with Pizza

Restaurante Liukoushui Hotpot Fideo

We entered this place without any expectations, but this turned out to be one of my favorite places to eat! 

Honestly, when we entered there was no one else and nobody also came in during our time there. If this happens to you, don´t be scared 😉

The bowls here… are huge and so tasty! Luckily I could even take it home, because I wasn´t able to finish it all haha. I would recommend it to everyone!

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Carrer del Bruc 86

Korean Food

Billy Brunch

This is the first restaurant we visited after the restaurant opened up again in November. They have too many good things to choose from. We choose this time for the Maxi American, so we can have pancakes and sausages and potatoes and we really liked it! It had so much flavour, The staff is really kind and the place itself looks pretty cool 🙂 

Billy Brunch

Luris 3

Luris 3 is an all-you-can-eat restaurant. I am a big sushi fan and this place didn´t disappoint me. There are all kinds of sushi, even mango and banana (but I have had better banana sushi tbh). We did have to wait a bit long for every round, but the food made up for it. The salmon Temaki is one of the best I have had.

Besides that, try and go here in the afternoon. You only have to spend around 13 euros here. Yes only 13 euros! In the Netherlands I normally spend around 30 euros at my favourite all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant. 

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Av. de Josep Tarradellas 20



Christmas 2020. When not many things are possible, we still wanted to make it special. A Michelin restaurant? Sure! This was our first experience at a Michelin restaurant and we both enjoyed the experience. 

This is a relatively cheap Michelin restaurant. With cheap I mean 45 euro for 8 plates. 8 plates with the most extraordinary dishes, like Stingray, Duck meatballs and Steak tartare. I have to admit that we both were not completely filled after all the dishes, so that was a pity. But for a nice and unique (if you haven´t eaten at a Michelin restaurant before) experience you should go here 🙂 

Rambla del Raval 45 

Michelin Food
Dessert, Succulent
Barcelona, El Raval

Koku Kitchen

In November 2019 we visited Barcelona for the first time and we found Koku Kitchen: A Korean restaurant in a basement with some fancy design. We had to try it out. I had the best Edamame so far and we had nice ramen. Just the way the restaurant looks and the whole vibe makes me want to go back here. 

Carrer del Comerç 29

Japanese Food

Sabor Persa

This restaurant… wow! I  need to go back here again, the sooner the better. 

This was my first experience with Persian food and for sure not the last one. We had the Zereshk Polo Morgh. This is skewer of chicken fillet, rice and wild raisins. We took one plate for the both of us and I wish we wouldn’t have. 

I felt like it was a fine dining restaurant, when you looked at the ambiance and the prices. The photo doesn’t do justice, but it´s definitely worth it. 

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Calle Valencia 21

Sabor Persa

Addis Abeba

Once we were just going through Google Maps, looking for restaurants and attractions nearby, when we suddenly stumbled upon ´Addis Abeba.´ Huh, but that us a place in… Ethopia? Yes indeed and the food is also from there! 

I have worked with people from Eritrea and once they cooked for me and I think it was a bit the same. You get this ´pancake´ with vegetables and meat in there, which all taste really good! 

If you want to have another unique experience in Barcelona, I recommend you to go to Addis Abeba! 

Carrer del Vallespir 44

Ethiopian Food

That´s it, that is the list of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona. I have been here only 4/5 months so far and I know I will visit more restaurants. If there are more restaurants I love, I will add this to the list. Now tell me. Are you hungry? Which restaurants do you want to visit first? Let me know in a comment! For more pictures look below 🙂 Thank you for reading and have a great meal!

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