What are the best photo spots in Olvera (Andalucía, Spain)?

Olvera is a town in the middle of Andalucía, south of Spain. It’s 100 km from Sevilla, very close to beautiful Ronda (30 km) and some other amazing white towns. It’s not that famous, but definitely a place you have to visit once you get the chance! 

I came to know about this town, during one of my tours (I was a tour guide in Sevilla). I had a private tour with a Dutch lady, who was born in Olvera and she told me amazing stories during the entire tour. So a month later we decided to visit this town. I love to take fun photos but noticed that there wasn’t much information about that, which is the reason I am writing this blog. 

Olvera is an interesting town, as the immense Christian church and the Moorish Arab castle are laying next to each other, which is a nice sign. Nowadays there is so much unrest between the two religions. 

What to expect in this article:

Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain
The view over the church from the castle and surroundings is stunning!

How to reach Olvera?

I am sure there are busses going to Olvera from Sevilla or Ronda.
We choose to go here by car, because of our road trip. We parked the car pretty close to the Arab Castle, it was only a 5-minute walk and it was free. It’s also close to the monument (Monumento al Sagrado Corazón) 

This is the exact spot where we parked our car: 

Monumento al Sagrado Corazón

This was one of my favorite spots in Olvera. because of the view. You will have a view of the church, the castle, and all the houses. 
It’s a place with many rocks and vegetation. You need to climb, but once you’ve reached the top, you will find the statue of “The Sacred Heart of Jesus.” There was no other soul on top of here, so we had enough time to take awesome shots.  

It’s a good way to start your trip in Olvera and then head to the must-sees. 

This is the exact spot: 36.9344028,-5.2640806

Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain 4
Can you see the church (left) and castle (right) in the background?

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Calle Calzada

I am pretty sure Calle Calzada is one of the most photographed streets in Olvera. From here you have a beautiful sight over the immense ‘Nuestra Señora de la Encarnacíon Church.’ 
It’s cute with the little flower pots. When we went to Olvera in December, it wasn’t crowded and we had all the time to pose here and take some cool spots.

Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain

Admire the Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación Church

The location of this church is pretty unique and not seen in more towns in Andalucía. It’s on top of the municipality, so you can see the church overlooking its town and people wherever you are. 
We arrived pretty early in the morning, which led to this mysterious fog covering the town. Absolutely gorgeous! 

We did not enter the church, because you had to pay for it and we rather paid for the castle, which is even a higher viewpoint. 

Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain

Castillo (Castle) de Olvera

From the amazing church, we went up to the castle of Olvera, the Moorish castle, built in the 12th/13th Century.  The castle fortress is overlooking the picturesque Olvera and the church and was built as one of a series of signal stations.
The views are incredible because you don’t only watch the town, but also the complete surrounding region and its mountains. 

Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain 6
Do you see my boyfriend taking snaps of us?

What else is there to do in Andalucía?

Sign of Olvera / Cemetery

After visiting all these beautiful and unique spots, you have to go to the sign of Olvera. Where do all these people suddenly come from? It’s so funny that whenever there is a sign of town, there are always a lot of people taking photos, while it wasn’t crowded at all on all the other spots in Olvera. 

The lady on my tour told me that the prettiest cemetery in Spain is located in Olvera. I don’t know if that is a reason to visit a cemetery 😉 But if you are interested in that, it’s a must-see. 

Don’t forget to wander around the town and eat some tapas! We found these funny statues of children playing all over the settlement, which was very welcome and cute. 

Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain 2
The sign with the castle in the background
Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain
Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain
This is what you see in the whole town. Cute right?
Olvera, beautiful white town in Andalucia Spain
The view over the church from the castle and surroundings is stunning!

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