For my final year of pedagogy, I could go a semester abroad. You won’t have to tell me that twice! 

I explored all my options and I was doubting between an internship at Bali or studying subjects in Sevilla. There are not many courses abroad about pedagogy (social work but for children). Most of those courses are about teaching, which is not what I would like to do later.
After talks with my parents and thinking a lot, I decided to go to Sevilla. In august (2018) I will move here! 

These are the reasons why I choose to study in Sevilla: 

  • I want to experience what it is like to study and live abroad 
  • It is closer to home as Bali, as it will be my first time I will live alone. I am scared I will get homesick. 
  • People can come visit me easier (the distance between Spain and Netherlands is closer then Bali)
  • I hope there will be lots of friends and family that will visit me! That would be so fun. I hope I can show them around. 
  • I have heard that Sevilla is really pretty! 
  • The weather in Sevilla is great. I need a little bit of sun and can´t wait to escape the winter in cold Netherlands 
  • I want to learn Spanish

Besides that I know someone who studied there last year. She told me that Sevilla is a beautiful city, the quality of education is great and fits well to my study in the Netherlands. 

In the Netherlands I am studying pedagogy, which is like social work but for children. In Sevilla I will do 4 subjects that fit to my study. In Spain it was called ´Early childhood´: 

  1. Educational psychology 
  2. Health & nutrition
  3. Inclusion, multiculturalism and coeducation
  4. Psychopedagogical bases of special educational needs
  5. I will follow Spanish classes

Especially the fourth class sounds super interesting to me!
Of course I would love to learn the Spanish language, because it is one of the most beautiful languages in the world! 

I am excited to go and I can’t wait to share my stories with you! 

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