Cultural Capital of Europe 2018: Leeuwarden

Day trip to Leeuwarden

Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018. That’s the title Leeuwarden has been given. Because of that I need to check out this city! 

It´s just a one hour drive from my home town! I feel ashamed to say I have never been here before 😉 

The Oldehove tower

We (my family and I) parked our car close by the Oldehove tower. This is a very famous tower in Leeuwarden and that’s the reason why we wanted visited this place first.
The Oldehove tower is a leaning and unfinished church tower, which sounds too cool! 
After climbing all 183 steps we finally reached the end and saw the view, which was very pretty!  

I only thought the winding staircase was a little scary to go up and down. But I scared of every stairs haha. Next to that it is still really worth it!

The amazing view from the tower!

Explore, explore, explore

After visiting the tower we walked through the city to explore everything. 

We went to Boomsma Beerenburger Museum. This is a museum about Beerenburger drink, as my dad and uncle both love alcohol.

After that we were planning to go on a boat to see Leeuwarden from the water. Unfortunately this plan got cancelled, because all the boats were taken. The weather was great, so we could have thought about that before.
After this, we had nice Dutch fries, yumm! 


My opinion about Leeuwarden is that, it’s a small, but cute and cosy city with many terraces, canals and a few nice buildings.
I think Leeuwarden becoming the cultural capital of Europe, is a good chance to become more well-known all over Europe! 
I do not think it is the most amazing city in The Netherlands, but do visit Leeuwarden when you are in the Netherlands. It is a complete different experience, as for example, crowded Amsterdam. 

And make a reservation for a boat early. Especially when the weather is great and you want to see Leeuwarden from the water! 

Have you ever been to Leeuwarden? Do you think it deserves this title?


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