Wow, time really flies, because I have already been a month in Sevilla! 

I can happily announce that I feel really good, and that I am happy this month is over. Last month I flew from my home country, the Netherlands to start a new adventure in Sevilla. I will study here for the next 4 months. 

The first week was extremely difficult for me, because I have never even lived on myself, did not know how to cook, felt homesick and had to take care of a lot of things, like documents, getting a bicycle etc. 

The weeks after, I was counting down the days, until I finally could go home.  But after 3,5 weeks I finally started to feel happy and stopped doing this.
I think that’s because I found 3 great people, which who I am doing a lot of fun things with. I also I cooked something new every week and I know my way around Sevilla much better. 

Right now I still have the number of days that are left in my agenda. Yes I was that homesick, but I do not look at it anymore. Now I actually  get nervous when I see the number of days that are left, because I still want to do so many more things in Sevilla and Spain! 

I am happy right now and can’t wait for all the things that are coming! I hope to be making many experiences with the 3 girls I have met. 

If you have lived abroad and felt homesick, after how many days, weeks or months did you finally not feel homesick anymore? What made you feel that way? 

The beautiful riverside in Sevilla

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