You are planning to go to Sevilla, yay! I promise you that you won´t be disappointed, because I believe that Sevilla is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain!

In this post I will give tips on what to visit in 3 days. With all the monuments is is not possible to visit all just in 1 day. Sevilla is buzzling, but not as overwhelming as Barcelona. 

A tip from me: Don´t go to Sevilla in July/August, unless you love temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius. 

If you are visiting Sevilla on a Monday, do read my blog about Why you should include a Monday on your trip to Sevilla.
Most of the buildings mentioned in that post, I did not include in this list, because they are not the most important ones. But I can imagine you also want to visit something like the Torre del Oro, but that means you need another day for Seville. 

What to expect in this article:

Plaza de Espana Sevilla Retouch app 2
Plaza de España

Day 1

Morning: Guided bicycle tour

On day 1 you can get up early and do a bicycle tour! I always thought it was overrated. But now I am a tour guide myself, I believe that this is the best way to be introduced to a city and get a good view of what to visit. 

If you would do a tour with my organization, Andalucía Tours and Discovery, and/ or Baja Bikes you will be cycling from 10 AM to 1 PM. In those 3 hours, you will see the monumental center, Triana (the neighborhood on the other side of the river), and Maria Louisa Park. Maybe I even will be your guide, that will be so fun! 

You can always do a free walking tour. You find those a lot in Sevilla. It is a free tour but based on tips. I have done it once when I was a guide and I recognized a lot of information what I had learned, but also learned a few new things.

Sevilla real alcazar Spain

Afternoon: Visit the palace (Real Alcázar)

After this bicycle tour, I can imagine that you are hungry, so I recommend you to go to the center and eat something before it is time to go to one of the most amazing places in Sevilla: The Real Alcázar. 

Of course, you already booked the tickets one month in advance on the internet!
The Real Alcázar is the Royal Palace and it was made by different civilizations; from the Almohads to the Christian kings. It is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 
If you like to take photos, you will be here for about 2 hours.

After this, you will walk from the exit to Mateos Gago street, where you can find nice restaurants. This is one of the best-known streets to eat tapas. 

Sevilla Andalucía Spain - Réal Alcazar gardens

5PM - 8 PM: Sunset at La Setas

Then from Mateos Gago street, you walk through Calle Sierpes, which is a big shopping street with shops like H&M and Zara. You can also find more traditional shops, to buy flamenco dresses.
Sevilla is known for flamenco. They say flamenco was born there, so you can’t find a better place to buy a dress. So pick your poison! 🙂 (but be aware they start from 200 euros mostly) 

After this, you walk to the Setas (which is also named Metropol Parasol or The Mushrooms). 
This is the biggest wooden structure in the world and the view from up here is magnificent! Especially during one of the many amazing sunsets. So my recommendation is to visit the Setas during the sunset. Look it up on Google when this sunset might be. 

The Setas is 5 euro and you will go up with an elevator, so it´s reachable for everyone. Don´t forget to get your free postcard at the little shop below (at the entrance) 🙂 

P.s. the entrance with the cash desk is not on top of the stairs, but down the stairs with the sign ´Antiquarium´

Sevilla Andalucía Spain - La setas view. Amazing sunset
One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen!

Night: Dinner at Alameda de Hercules

After experiencing Sevilla during the sunset, it is time to have dinner! Most restaurants open after 8 PM. There is a large number of good restaurants in Sevilla. But if you are still close to the Setas, I recommend you to visit Alameda de Hercules, which is a huge square with enough good restaurants to eat some good tapas!
Everyone in Sevilla is out on the streets after 8/9 PM, which creates a very good vibe. I love it! 

Sevilla Andalucía Spain - Placa de España

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Day 2

Morning: Plaza de España

Start the day at Plaza de España, which is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in Sevilla. Imagine yourself being in (small) Venice, as the tourists during my tour often said. Look at all the different benches, which all stand for one province in Spain in alphabetical order. 

What you also can do is hire on the boats and sail on the small river. This river apparently stands for the route that Christopher Columbus took to the New World, as Columbus prepared his journey to the New World in Sevilla. 

The absolute best thing about this square? It is completely free to visit! I always loved ending my tours at this square. It amazed me every single day I went there. 

Plaza de España

12 PM - 2 PM: Picnic in the park

Then, as you are in the beautiful park (which is 60 hectares large), you can have a picnic over here.
Lots of Sevillians do this in the summer. But because the weather in Sevilla is almost always pretty good, warm and sunny (except November – February), I am sure you will be able to do it as well when you are in Sevilla. After this picnic you will be filled for an afternoon in the center. 

Sevilla plaza de españa Spain
Plaza de España

2 PM - 6 PM: Center

From the park head to the center of Sevilla again. First stop: Hotel Alfonso. This is a luxury hotel and absolutely stunning to see. You can enter this hotel, take a look around for 10 minutes and no one will look at you. I have heard tourists saying ´but we are not dressed for it.´ Trust me, I have been inside multiple times, wasn´t dressed for it as well, and have never been thrown out of it. 

Of course, you can also have a drink or eat here, which might be a bit more expensive than in other places in Sevilla, but it is worth it. 

After visiting hotel Alfonso, you can go to the Cathedral and visit it. It´s one of the biggest Gothic cathedrals in the world and you can also see the tomb of Christopher Columbus here! You easily spend an hour in here, especially when you also climb the tower, which used to be the minaret! From here you have a nice view of the city. 
If you want tickets for the Cathedral, you can stand in line, order them online or go to the El Salvador Church and buy combination tickets, which is the price for only the Cathedral (10 euros).

Sevilla Spain Cathedral
The Cathedral

After this you walk to Barrio Santa Cruz, the Jewish quarter of Sevilla. This area is very photogenic with lots of small and cute streets. You might get lost here, but I think you always discover a place best when you get lost. This is one of my favorite areas in Sevilla.

If you want to visit another church in Sevilla, you should go to Iglesia de Santa María la Blanca. It is absolutely stunning to see from the inside, it has many details until the ceiling. This is free to enter and pretty small, so you can just hop in and out if you want.
In Santa Cruz you can also find lots of nice tapas restaurants, so you can have dinner here. 

There are also many (free) walking tours in Santa Cruz, so if you are interested in the (sad) history of the Jews, the legends, and mysteries, you should definitely do one!

Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain - the best streets in Santa Cruz
Barrio de Santa Cruz

And last but not least: visit the University of Sevilla, which is located next to Hotel Alfonso. This used to be the old tabacco factory and that´s still clearly visible. It is free to visit, but be aware of the classes, so don´t be too loud. 

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Evening: Attend a flamenco show

As many people claim that the flamenco dance is originally from Sevilla, it could be nice to attend a flamenco show. There are often free shows on the streets, for example at Plaza de España, Puerta de Jerez or in Jardines de Murillo. But you can also attend a tablao, which is a ´real´ show.

There is a large number of flamenco shows in Sevilla, so look on the internet and you will probably also receive a flyer wherever you are walking in Seville. 
I know that lots of tourists are always happy when they visited the flamenco show of Tablao el Arenal, but I can imagine this might be a bit too expensive. 

The Flamenco and Sevilla are just naturally combined with each other and if you have not seen the flamenco in Sevilla… did you really go to Sevilla then? 

Sevilla Santa Cruz Spain
Barrio de Santa Cruz

Day 3

Morning: Triana

The last day you will go to the neighbourhood behind the river, Triana. This is the area where in the past gypsies and workers used to live and it was not the best area. Right now it is very popular. Especially the way from Puente de Triana to Calle San Jacinto is stunning and very lively.

From the Puente (bridge) you have a stunning view over the colored houses of Triana. On your way to San Jacinto street, you will see a flamenco statue, because the Trianeros believe it was born there. Next to that, you can also see a statue of Juan Belmonte, one of the best bullfighters, pointing towards the bullfight ring/Cathedral.  

Calle San Jacinto is a nice street with a lot of restaurants and it is always fun to walk through, especially on a Saturday, because there are often also a lot of street performers. Also try one of the Argentinan empanadas, at ´Empanadas Malvon´ these are really good! 

Colourfull houses of Triana

Next to that you can also visit the Mercado de Triana, opposite of the flamenco statue. Here you can find fresh vegetables, meats, and also dishes like paella. It is open all day, but most fun to visit in the morning, as it will be very lively and everyone will try to sell their goods. In here there is also a possibility to attend a flamenco show. 

Another nice street is Calle Betis, where you will have a good overview of the city, you can clearly see most of the highlights of Sevilla. Here you can also find lots of restaurants and bars, but these are mostly open after the siesta. 

Sevilla river Spain

Afternoon: Riverside

After strolling around in Triana, you can cross the Puente de Triana bridge again and go to the food hall on the other side of the bridge. It is called Mercado Lonja del Barranco and you can have all kinds of dishes here. Sushi, sandwiches, nachos, but also paella. This third day might be a day filled with food, but do you really mind that? 😉 

After this, walk along the river and have a beautiful view of the colorful houses of Triana and the beautiful bridge of Triana. I have never done this, but what you maybe can do is, to buy a dish at the Mercado and then eat this at the river! 

Sevilla Torre del Oro Spain
Torre del Oro

On the riverside, you can also find the Torre del Oro and the Bullfight Arena. Both you can visit because there are museums inside in both of them. In another post I have written about that both places are free to visit on Monday, you can read that here. It might also be possible to visit both in one day.

If you would do that, I suggest that you first visit the Bullfight arena, as you have to do the tour at a certain time. This tour takes one hour, where you learn about the history of bullfighting, visit the chapel where the bullfighters pray before the fight and you visit the arena, which I think was really impressive.

After that, you can go to the Torre del Oro. In here you can find a small maritime museum. You have a nice view over the river and Triana. If you can be here when the sun goes down, it could be very pretty! 

After this sunset, you can head back to the center, which is a 10-minute walk from the Torre del Oro, and find a nice restaurant to eat or stroll around the center a bit more. 

Sevilla Spain bullfight ring
Bullfight arena

Are you going to Sevilla soon and will you follow this itinerary? What are you most excited about? Let me know in a comment!

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