10 (weird) facts about me

10 (weird) facts about me

Everyone is a little crazy, as am I
A little bit akward and shy
and crazy about this one guy
Okay enough rhyming for today
Here it goes, yay!

Rhyming isn´t my best talent, sorry
So I will shut up now, don´t worry

Everyone has some weird things, but that is what makes us all unique. So don´t be scared to tell, but embrace your weirdness! It makes you you! 

After I share my weird (& some ´nomal´) things, I hope you feel brave enough to also share the weird things you go through. 

10 (weird) facts about me
  1. I hate feet, I can´t stand them. Summer is in that way a bad period for me, because everyone is wearing flip flops. The feet of my boyfriend I almost accepted after one year, it´s that bad haha. When I look at terrible feet I really get a sick feeling in my stomach, like I want to throw up. You would say, don´t look at them if you are feeling that way. But something in me wants to look and be fascinated by what I see.
  2. I love to eat roti and drink ice tea!
  3. My first and only concert was to Chris Brown. I still get a magical feeling when I think about it.
  4. I don´t like the feeling of melting chocolate on my fingers. I rather put the whole chocolate in my mouth (even when I love it and there is a sink close by) then let it melt 
  5. I travelled to 20 countries so far (or 22 if you also count Vatican City and Gibraltar) 
  6. I have named my parents meerkats since we went to Malaysia. In the bus from Singapore to Malaysia my sister and I were sitting behind them. Every time they heard a weird sound we saw their heads above the seat going from left to right, just like meerkats. Every time one of my parents does it, I just say ´Meerkat´ and they laugh. 
  7. I adore Harry Potter! Don´t know though if I would be attending Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. 
  8. Last year when I was studying in Spain I spend 4 months searching for Ben & Jerry´s ice cream and only in the last month I finally found it! I love it! Just like Häagen-Dazs (Belgian chocolate, heaven!!) 
  9. Number one on my travel list has always been Sri Lanka. My dad was born there and I really want to go there with my whole family 
  10. I am scared of walking stairs. I can climb them, but I always have to hold on to something, especially when I walk down the stairs. 

Here we go, 10 (weird) facts about me. Are you already brave enough to also share your uniqueness? 

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