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Tips on how to grow on Instagram 2023

Instagram has over a billion users, so it should not be that hard to grow and get many followers, right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. It does matter on what you think is growing and having many followers. Do…


How to travel cheaper

Money is often the reason why people don´t travel and I feel that´s such a pity! So if you want some tips how I try to travel as cheap as I can, scroll down. There are two keywords to travel…

10 (weird) facts about me

10 (weird) facts about me

Everyone is a little crazy, as am I A little bit akward and shy and crazy about this one guy Okay enough rhyming for today Here it goes, yay! Rhyming isn´t my best talent, sorrySo I will shut up now,…

sri lanka - travel plans for 2022

Top 10 countries I would love to visit

Top 10 countries I have to visit before I kick the bucket! Sri Lanka Number 1 has been Sri Lanka since my birth, because my dad was born here. I would love to visit my fatherland, meet family, discover the…


Start of my thesis & some tips

Chaotic, confusing and still with my head in Sevilla… That´s how I felt at the start of my thesis, which is now 3 months ago. Multiple persons (especially my friends in Sevilla) told me that this is exactly how they…