internal turmoil

Internal turmoil: Life, travel and work

This time I am sharing a bit more of a personal blog, about a topic we all find interesting: life. Better said, what to do in life to make yourself happy. For me, and maybe many of you, travelling is a great passion. This could be a good thing, but might also be a burden. Let me take you with me to my thoughts.

To travel! Or no, save money and have fun with family. Ooh living in Spain, or Portugal?! Or no, in the Netherlands for a better salary. And work as a pedagogue, or try it as a photographer. Do I want to do volunteer work to gain more experience? Or don’t because I want to travel? Taking my product to a new level by taking writing courses, or taking more SEO courses?

Do you recognize that internal turmoil? Do you always want things that are opposite of each other? Always busy, learning more, enjoying life more… But which choices do you have to make? Choices that you think ‘society’ expects of you or something that makes YOU happy?

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Ticking time bomb

I have done all of the above points in my life and I am always thinking about my next step. I have been travelling for a couple of months and next month I am returning home. Which means that I have to find a job again. What kind of job do I want? One with helping children (pedagogy), that I studied? Or something in customer care which is flexible, so I can travel as well. In the Netherlands or abroad with my boyfriend? And what am I going to do with my blog? My biggest dream: travel and work at the same time. But how will I manage doing this? 

I’m ‘only’ 25 years old and feel like these years are the most important thing in my life to make it in life. To do whatever I want before I am supposed to have responsibilities ;).
That ticking time bomb, because for example, if you ever want children, you have to do this as a woman before your 36th(?). Is it nice to have so many choices nowadays? To me it feels more like a burden at the moment.

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The upcoming month...

Do you also have this feeling? Do you feel pressure? Share it with me, maybe I can’t do anything for you, but who knows, maybe I can. Writing it down always makes it easier to process.

My tip for now: Take it step by step. What makes you happy now, without thinking about everything and everyone? Make a list and see how it will fit into your life. What will you focus on the upcoming month? 

And yes, that internal turmoil, it will continue for a while. But I have accepted it for now and hope that it will make good choices. Do you also accept it?

The best choice for me now is to travel for one more month and start applying to a few different kinds of jobs and see where that will take me. Do you have the perfect job for me? Please let me know 🙂 

For now I am enjoying my time with my boyfriend in India (want to read more about India? Check this out) and then hello Dubai!! That is what I will focus next month, while hopefully my internal turmoil will come to a standstill. 

How do you feel about this? Do you want to share your thoughts? Send me a message on Instagram and I hope I can help you out.

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