Travel plans for 2022 (a girl can dream right) - india pondicherry

Travel plans for 2022 (a girl can dream, right?)

With 2022 coming closer and closer (only 2 months away!), I am starting to wonder about what that year will bring me. Work, personal, but also travel wise. Which places would I like to visit and will it even be possible with Corona in the back of our head. Should I even make travel plans for 2022? Can we dream away?

  • The Corona situation and rules of the specific country might change. This article has been written in the beginning of October 2021. 
Jamaica travel plans 2022 a girl can dream right
Maybe I should visit Jamaica...

What to expect in this article?

To immediately get back to the question of if it’s possible to travel in 2022. I do believe it is possible to travel to places but that depends on the country.
I have been able to travel to many places in Europe since this summer (being in Europe). Going outside of Europe is still a tricky thing, but I do know people who have traveled outside of Europe as well. 
We can’t know for sure, as Corona doesn’t have a strict plan, unfortunately. On this website, you can find an extensive summary of the current Corona travel rules per country. Very handy if you tell me. 



As my boyfriend is living in India at the moment, I would love to visit him once tourists are allowed again in the country.
So far they aren’t allowed yet, unfortunately. I don’t think we will be allowed soon, as only 19% of the population is fully vaccinated at the date of writing. 19% does mean 270 million people, which is a lot, but in a country with 1.30 billion people, it’s nothing, unfortunately. 


If my boyfriend won’t move to Europe, I will be visiting him in Pondicherry
Pondicherry is a quaint town in the south of India, it’s a union territory. It was colonized by the French and my boyfriend told me you can see the influences back all over the town. Fresh croissants and baguettes aren’t unusual in the street life of this charming Indian town. You would not imagine that with a packed country like India, do you?
Read here more about the nice town. 
That will be the first place I will visit, but once I am in India I will need to visit other stunning places as well. As the country is enormous, there will be enough places to visit. Whether it is the Taj Mahal, the golden triangle, or a chill beach town like Goa 

Travel plans for 2022 (a girl can dream right) - india pondicherry



August 2021 I visited London as my family is living there. I had to arrange some things, coming from the Netherlands. I had to: 

I made sure I was fully vaccinated by the time I went there, otherwise you have to be in quarantine when you arrive in the UK and I had to book a Corona kit for day 8 as well, which cost a lot. 
Now I am not sure if all these rules also apply to Scotland, but on this website you can read more about the rules of Scotland. 

Travel plans for 2022 (a girl can dream right) - Scotland Edinburgh
Photo by Eric Welch on Unsplash


With Scotland, I am specifically talking about visiting Edinburgh. My friend is going to get married in that beautiful city and I can’t miss that! 
I have been to Edinburgh twice before as I love this city. It has so much charm and you can feel the history everywhere. It is filled with old and gorgeous monuments and the Edinburgh Castle is noticed from any viewpoint. Especially Victoria Street which is  gorgeous and colorful. Next to that, you can feel the Harry Potter vibes everywhere. If you like that, you will go nuts. There is also a small cafe where J.K. Rowling apparently wrote her first book and you can find HP stores everywhere, especially in Victoria Street. Would you like to choose which wand fits you best and which Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans you will find disgusting?

Read the blog below about what to do in Edinburgh: 

Sri Lanka


It is only been one week since I got to know Sri Lanka is allowing tourists again! If you are fully vaccinated, you only have to do a corona test before, and then you don’t have to be in quarantine! Let’s hope the situation will improve in Sri Lanka so that these regulations can stay. 

See their local website to be updated on the latest regulations. 

sri lanka - travel plans for 2022


For as long as I can remember my sisters and I have been begging my dad to go to Sri Lanka. Every single year. Not because we wanted to have fun, but because we wanted to explore our roots. My dad fled from Sri Lanka almost 40 years ago and has never been back. We would love to let his fear go away and for him to see his family again. 
Next to that, we would love to discover this amazing island, also called ‘the pearl of the Indian ocean.’ 
When we go, I am not going to visit just one place, that’s for sure! I want to visit the rock of Sigiriya, the capital Colombo, the tea plantation, my family, and whatever else this incredible island has to offer. 
Every year my dad has been telling us that we will go ‘next year,’ but now with the whole Corona situation going on, I am hoping we will. Especially because my dad has been mentioning India often the last few months and Sri Lanka is not that far away from it… Let’s hope for the best! 

Sri Lanka - travel plans for 2022
Photo by Oliver Sjöström via Pexels

The Netherlands


The Netherlands? But you are from the Netherlands, right? That is true, but I have not been everywhere (yet). 
We can travel freely in our own country, but for foreigners, it can be a bit hard. Check your situation here to see if you are able to travel to the Netherlands.

Kinderdijk - 10 places I want to visit in the Netherlands


As I am living in the north of this tiny country, I don’t go to the south very regularly. This is also the reason why I have never visited Maastricht, a beautiful city completely south.
I have heard many stories about Maastricht being a place different from the rest. It looks medieval and it can feel like you are somewhere in France. Next to that, the south side is a bit hilly, something I really miss in the north, so for me, it might even feel like I’m abroad. If you come to the Netherlands, don’t just stick to Amsterdam, but also try to visit places such as as Utrecht or The Hague (Den Haag) if you can. 

Read this as well:

United States of America


Ever since the news came out that the USA allows fully vaccinated tourists again from November on, I am so excited!

On this website, it is mentioned that ‘Travellers from the 26 Schengen Area countries, Ireland, the UK, China, India, South Africa, Iran, and Brazil, who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, will be able to travel to the US soon.’
You do have to do a Corona test before going. 

How do you feel about doing Corona tests? I have done so many already that I don’t mind doing it anymore. Do you mind it? 

New York Usa - Travel plans 2022 a girl can dream right

New York

For a couple of months, my eagerness to go to New York has been out of the roof. I would love to visit this ‘city that never sleeps’ and eat all the food it has to offer. 
One of my favorite Dutch vloggers Claire Lucia has lived there for a few years and has documented all. Every time she tried something tasty or went to a cool place, I wrote it down on my list. Because of her, I am dying to go to Artichoke and have a slice of their amazing pizza! 
I would love to wander around here and see all those incredible sites that I have seen on tv so often. Hopefully, I am able to be small in between all those skyscrapers next year. I was thinking to go there in January, but I have seen it is quite cold that month, so let’s see! 

New York Usa - Travel plans 2022 a girl can dream right



As I was living in Barcelona during the Coronavirus, I did travel from time to time to the Netherlands and back. 
On this website, you can read all about the latest measurements. For now, they are allowing tourists again, if you are fully vaccinated or have done a Corona test beforehand. 
Don’t forget to fill in the health control form that is mentioned on this website as they strictly check on it. Have the QR-code ready when you are at both airports. 

For if you want to read more about Spain:


Ibiza… It seems like a place everyone is going to. This is the reason I have only heard good stories about it. It’s not just an island to relax or party, but it also has stunning nature, a good vibe, and interesting clothes.
Someone told me they felt like being in Thailand when they were in Ibiza. Well, I have been to neither, so time for me to go! One of my friends and I have a list of places we have to go to, and Ibiza has been on it for quite some time now. I can’t wait to practice my Español again and visit this wonderful country that is my second home. 

Ibiza Spain - travel plans 2022 a girl can dream right 1

Update nov 2022

Looking back at this year, I have had a great travel year. Although I have only visited two of the destinations written above, India and Maastricht. 

I did spend 4 months in Asia, which I couldn’t have thought about in October 2021, when I wrote this blog. I visited Portugal, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. Cool right!? The year is not over yet, but my money is haha, so I don’t think I will travel somewhere the next month unfortunately. 

Now let's talk about you! Do you have travel plans in 2022 and where do you want to go to? Let me know in a comment and let's be excited together. Even it is just a dream, it is always nice to dream together.
If you are not sure about the Corona regulations, let me know and we can always take a look at the regulations together.

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