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Cancelled trips due to Corona virus

Social distancing due to the Corona virus, I don't think anyone had that in mind with 2020 coming. But that is the situation we are in right now.

As I love travelling, I had booked a few trips for the new year, for when I would return from living in Sevilla. At the end of January it became more and more clear that something was happening in this world. I was following every step on the way. 


End last year (2019) I booked my flight to Taiwan, which I was very happy about! I would visit a friend that I had met during my study in Sevilla. She became a really good friend and we are still calling every other month. 

 I was doubting it for a long time as well, because it would be my first solo trip and I was thinking on how long I should go. Do I want to go for one, 1,5 or two months? 
I finally made the decision to go for 1 full month in April – May 2020. The reason why was that my friend would also be free for a week, so we could travel somewhere else and I could attend a wedding of her family. Super cool plans!
We were not sure where we wanted to go, but we were discussing South Korea and the Philippines. We did this in the same week as I cancelled (for free) my trip, so I am happy we were not sure yet, otherwise I would also had to cancel this.

Super cool plans! We are both sad that I had to cancel it, but I am sure I will go as soon as it is possible. 

Do you know what is funny? Because this was cancelled, I could go start looking for a job in the Netherlands directly when I would return from Sevilla.
What happened? One week after I returned, I got a job and I could start directly! This wouldn´t have happened if I would have gone to Taiwan, because I am sure no company would be looking for someone who would already be travelling for a month at the start of the job. Today was actually the day I would start with this job, but because we are all working from home, I can not start yet, let´s hope I can soon! 

Taiwan Corona

Manchester, UK

As my boyfriend is a big Manchester United fan, I thought last year that it would be awesome for him to see a game in real life in Manchester on his birthday. I love to give memories as presents, as you think about that your whole life.
So I bought this in July 2019 and kept is as a surprise until our one year anniversary. He was very happy when he heard it, but it was unsure if we could go, because of work and study. Now with the whole Corona virus it is pretty clear that we can not go to the United Kingdom next week sadly. I could luckily also cancel this and got back most of the money. 

I do know that we still would love to go to a match of Manchester United, so maybe in the future… 🙂 

Manchester UK

Maastricht, Netherlands

As I was pretty sure I couldn´t travel outside of the Netherlands anymore, I started thinking about travelling in the Netherlands itself. Maastricht is a place that I have been wanting to go for a long time, but never had the chance too, as it is a 4 hours trip to get there by train. 

I think I did wait too long with going there, because the weekend I wanted to go, the Corona virus did get worse here as well. Especially in the area of Maastricht. Luckily we hadn´t booked anything yet, as we wanted to see how it would go. 

So right now I am even not travelling in my own country, but in the future I will definitely visit Maastricht! 

Maastricht Netherlands
Are you also affected by the Corona virus? Which trips did you have to cancel (or did you still go?) Let met know! 

Interested in reading more? Great! 😉

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