Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County

Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County

Have you ever heard of Novigrad in Zadar County? It is truly a hidden gem in Croatia, as it is beautiful! In this article I will tell you why!

I bet you have never heard of Novigrad (Zadar County), a hidden gem in Croatia. What if I tell you, it might have been the prettiest place in Croatia I visited? Does it make you want to go there? In this article I will share all about this gorgeous town.

Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County

What to expect in this article:

Where to find Novigrad (Zadar county) in Croatia

Novigrad is a village in Croatia in the Zadar County. In 2011 there were 2,375 inhabitants. 
Novigrad is very easy to be mistaken for Novigrad in Istria, north of Croatia. I don’t know why both places are named the same, but the Novigrad I am talking about is located in Zadar County. 

I have heard that there are busses going from other towns. As we rented a car, it was quite easy to reach. 
It is only 35 minutes away from Zadar. We visited Novigrad on the way to Plitvice. Plitvice Lakes is another 1.15 hours from Novigrad. 

You can even do a day trip from Zadar if you would like to go out of town for a while! 

If you are traveling by plane, Zadar airport is just 20 km away. 

Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County 1
We had a great time!
12-day itinerary through Croatia and Slovenia - Novigrad (2)

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Hidden gem in Croatia

Imagine this: It’s April 23, and we’re walking through the delightful streets of Novigrad, seeing the water on the side, and the scenic landscape of Zadar County, Croatia. 

This charming historic town is nestled in a narrow bay. This spot is a seafood lover’s paradise! The Novigrad Sea is filled with all sorts of delicious fish and shellfish, which means it is a great spot for food also. 

We were here in the morning, a bit too early to have a big meal. We did enjoy our coffee overlooking the water though. I can highly recommend doing that. 

Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County
12-day itinerary through Croatia and Slovenia - Novigrad (2)

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Scenic views of Novigrad

Oh, the views! Novigrad treated us with many breathtaking sights, from its turquoise waters to the high mountains in the background.

Each scene was more mesmerizing than the last. Even though there was not much to do, we still spent quite some time, taking pictures as every corner you take is gorgeous.

We even took our drone out and made some beautiful videos. That is the advantage when it is relatively quiet, also because we were the only tourists walking around. 

I was happy I put on my turquoise shirt, as I matched not only with the water, but also with some of the boats and car. How fun! 

One more thing, don’t forget to take a photo at the ‘Novigrad swing’, it is a cute souvenir for when you go home 😉 

Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County
Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County
Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County

Novigrad Castle 'Fortica'

Novigrad Castle ‘Fortica’ is located within the historic center of Novigrad, just above the Great (city) gate. 

I am sure the view from up the castle would be even more spectacular. Unfortunately, we did not go. Maybe because it was pretty high and we did not have enough time (as we were driving towards Plitvice Lakes and Novigrad was just a 2-hour break). But if you have more time than us, make sure to also visit the castle! 

Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County
Novigrad – Hidden Croatian gem in Zadar County
You can see the Castle

More activities in and around Novigrad!

  1. Hiking Trails: Surrounding Novigrad are cool hiking trails that go through the countryside, offering panoramic views of the Novigrad Sea and the stunning Zadar County landscapes. There are trails suitable for all levels of experience.

  2. Water Sports: Water sports enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities. From kayaking and paddleboarding to windsurfing and sailing, Novigrad’s crystal-clear waters are ideal! 

  3. Snorkeling and Diving: Explore the underwater world of the Novigrad Sea by snorkeling or diving. 

  4. Fishing Excursions: Join local fishermen on a fishing excursion and experience the thrill of catching your own dinner. 

  5. Cycling: Rent a bike and explore the scenic countryside surrounding Novigrad.

  6. Nature Reserves: Nearby nature reserves, such as Velebit Nature Park and Paklenica National Park, offer opportunities for hiking, and wildlife spotting.  

Novigrad in Zadar County is a true hidden gem that stole a piece of my heart. From its charming streets to its breathtaking views, it’s a place that’s definitely worth exploring. So, if you’re ever in Croatia, be sure to make a detour to Novigrad—you won’t regret it!

I would love to know if you visited Novigrad and how you liked it! Let me know on my social media!

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