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Top 14 best Instagram spots of Sevilla (Spain) – 2023

I have lived one year in Sevilla and it for sure is one of my favorite places in Europe!

I have spent so much time in Sevilla discovering new spots… Next to that, I also used to be a (bicycle) tour guide and loved to understand more of the history, this made me fall in love with Sevilla even more! 
Sevilla is getting more and more popular by the year, which I have noticed by the number of tourists during my tours. In the summer months, I had 15+ tourists cycling with me through the city, twice a day and there were 7 other guides in the company at the same time. 
This is why I can definitely understand why Sevilla is so popular on Instagram, you will be amazed whenever you walk around the corner. 
Here you have 13 Instagrammable spots in Sevilla, written by a local. 

All the secrets of Plaza de España (Sevilla) Spain

What to expect in this article:

1. Real Alcazar

Let’s start with one of the highlights of Sevilla. You can not visit this city and not visit the Real Alcazar. It’s one of the most amazing places in Seville, next to Plaza España.
Taking Instagram-worthy pictures will be done easily, as there are so many details inside the palace. Besides that, there is even a beautiful garden outside, with lovely flowers and even some peacocks. Did you know Game of Thrones was shot here? 

The Alcazar is the Royal Palace of Sevilla and located in the middle of the centre. 

Address: Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 
Costs: 14.50 euros 
Website link
It is opposite the Cathedral 

Sevilla real alcazar Spain
Sevilla Andalucía Spain - Réal Alcazar gardens

2. Jewish quarter: Barrio Santa Cruz

Get lost in the pretty streets of Barrio Santa Cruz, the former Jewish quarter. There are so many cute corners here and I find the barrio also pretty huge. It is not just one or two streets, but a whole neighborhood.

As a tour guide, I know a few of the tales and stories, like the Romeo and Juliet of Sevilla. There are many tours you can do this quarter, but it’s also perfectly fine to wander around. 
You can not only take pretty pictures everywhere, but it’s also a good area with many traditional restaurants and you’ll get surprised every time you wander here. Once there was this cute band that I fell in love with, see the video below. 

It is a 5 minutes walk from the Cathedral 

Sevilla Santa Cruz Spain
Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain - the best streets in Santa Cruz

3. Plaza España

The third place is the most beautiful place in Sevilla. Maybe even the most beautiful place of Spain… Taking Instagrammable photos here won’t be difficult then.
I wrote a whole article about this amazing square and everything that it symbolizes. During my tours, I always showed this place at the end, that’s what they say right: ‘Keep the best for last?’  
You can not not go here when you are in Sevilla, so enjoy and take incredible photos! 

Av. Isabel la Católica, 41004 
Costs: Free entree 
This is a 20 minutes walk from the Cathedral 

Plaza de Espana Sevilla Retouch app 2

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4. Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos is an Andalusian palace and is a permanent residence. It has Mudéjar elements and has around 150 different azulejos (colored tiles). Next to taking pretty pictures of the gram, you can learn a little about the history of this nice palace. 
I would only recommend this place if you have some extra time to spend in Seville. 

Address: Pl. de Pilatos, 1, 41003
Costs: 10 euros 
It is a 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral 

casa de pilatos Sevilla Spain

5. Archivo de Indias

Right in between the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar you can find the Archivo de Indias.
An archive that has more than 10 kilometers of bookshelves, all filled with documents from the colonial history of South America (Las Indias). Sounds cool right? 
This is again a place you should visit only if you have enough time, otherwise, I don’t think it would be worth it. You can take nice shots here as it has some photogenic corners. 

Av. de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spanje
This is located right next to the Cathedral 

Sevilla Archivo de Indias
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6. La Setas / Metropol Parasol

Want to have the most beautiful view over Seville? Make sure you visit La Setas! 

This is the biggest wooden structure in the world and the view from up here is magnificent! Especially during one of the many amazing sunsets, so my recommendation is to visit the Setas during the sunset. Look it up on Google when this sunset might be. 

The Setas is 5 euros and you will go up by elevator, so it´s reachable for everyone, and Don´t forget to get your free postcard at the little shop below (at the entrance).

Address: Pl. de la Encarnación, s/n, 41003 
Website link 

P.s. the entrance with the cash desk is not on top of the stairs, but down the stairs with the sign ´Antiquarium.’

Sevilla Andalucía Spain - La setas view. Amazing sunset
Sevilla Andalucía Spain - La setas view.

7. Melia Swimming pool

Just like EME, Melia is also a hotel. But it has an additional factor; the swimming pool. With an amazing view over Plaza de España.
The most time during the year it is pretty warm in Sevilla, so a swimming pool is not a bad choice. Especially if you can take some nice Instagram-worthy pictures at the same time. 

Dr. Pedro De Castro 1, 41004 Sevilla
It is a 10 minutes walk from Plaza de España 

Top 13 best Instagram spots of Sevilla (Spain)-2022 1

8. Plaza de America

Plaza de America is the little brother of Plaza de España (nr3). The buildings were built by Aníbal González for the future Ibero-American exhibition in 1929. Just like the Plaza de España. 
It is a little less incredible, but still nice when you walk in the park and you can take good pictures. Especially the reflection of the water is super photogenic. 

Pl. América, 3, 41013 Sevilla 
Free to enter 
This is a 10 minutes walk from Plaza de España and right in front of the Archeological Museum of Seville

Sevilla Andalucía Spain, plaza America

9. Triana (Riverside)

This is the area where in the past gypsies and workers used to live and it was not the best area. Right now it is very popular and beautiful because of the houses.

A nice street is Calle Betis, where you will have a good overview of the city, you can clearly see most of the highlights of Sevilla. Here you can also find lots of restaurants and bars, but these are mostly open after the siesta. If you walk near the river you will also stumble upon the Torre del Oro, which is a stunning land piece and you can take magnificent photos at the river. 

After this, walk along the river and have a beautiful view of the colorful houses and the beautiful bridge of Triana. 

It is a 15 minutes walk from the Cathedral 

Sevilla Torre del Oro Spain
Picture from Unsplash

10. Plaza de Cabildo

The Plaza del Cabildo is a small square in Seville and a bit hidden. It is like a secret that you have to find, it is within reach of the cathedral. 

There are 3 ways to reach this square; from Avenida de la Constitución, Calle Arfe, and Calle Almirantazgo. It is a beautiful square, with columns, arcades a fountain, and a couple of stores. It’s truly a hidden gem and very photogenic. 

Pl. del Cabildo, 41001 Sevilla
You can reach it within 5 minutes from the Cathedral 

Plaza del Cabildo is a small square close to the Catedral.

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11. Rooftop EME

Want to have some cocktails while enjoying a beautiful view over the Catedral? Then you definitely have to visit EME. I have seen many pretty pictures on Instagram but unfortunately, never went there myself. Also because it is a little expensive, so be aware of that. 
You can also stay in their hotel. It must be amazing to wake up with a view over one of the biggest Gothic cathedrals in the world. 

Calle Alemanes, 27, 41004 Sevilla
You can find it right next to the Cathedral 

Top 13 best Instagram spots of Sevilla (Spain)-2022 1 Eme
Picture from EME website

12. Hotel Alfonso XIII

Next to Plaza de España, this hotel was often a stop during my bicycle tours, so I could show the tourists the beauty of it.
Luxury is a word to describe this hotel, for example, once I had a piece of cake with my friend and it cost me a bomb. Something I could have expected, as this hotel is one of the most expensive ones all over Spain.
Both the inside and outside look stunning and very Instagram-worthy! 

C. San Fernando, 2, 41004 Sevilla 
It is a 4 minutes walk from the Cathedral. 

Top 13 best Instagram spots of Sevilla (Spain)-2022
Hotel Alfonso XII

13. Pabellón de Marruecos

This pavilion is close to the Monasterio de Cartuja and very pretty to see. The exposition of 1992 was held here in Cartuja because it was 500 years after the discovery of America by Columbus.
There were pavilions of almost every country of the world, but you can also see an Arian Four Rocket.
It is a weird area of Sevilla and this is the prettiest one, soone will believe this was taken in Sevilla. 
I also mentioned this pavilion in this article about 9 unusual things to do in Sevilla, because this spot is not very known and is quite far from the center of Sevilla. 

Edificio EXPO92 P Marruecos, 1,
41092 Sevilla
By car it is a 15 minutes ride from the Cathedral. 

pabellon de marruecos sevilla

14. Cathedral

Last, but not least, the amazing Cathedral.
I have mentioned it often in this article because it is an iconic piece in Sevilla. You can take great photos here and it is, if you ask me, always in someone’s stories/photos when someone has visited Sevill (next to Plaza de España of course).
The outside is the best place to take some pictures, as the inside can be a bit dark like most churches. So go ahead and enjoy! 

Av. de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla

Sevilla Cathedral Spain
Sevilla Spain Cathedral

15. Extra tip

One tip from me; hire a Flamenco dress and shine in your traditional, but beautiful dress. I did dress up once in a Flamenco dress, just to see how I would look and I was in love. The only disadvantage was that it is pricy, otherwise, I would have loved to buy it. 

I hope you have inspiration on where to go to. Trust me, all of Sevilla is extremely beautiful and leaving without taking pretty pictures, is not possible. So enjoy, take a look at my other articles and if you have more questions, please reach out to me on Instagram!

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