Barcelona has countless coffee spots. So which ones are the ones you really have to go to? In the 8 months I have been living there, I have tried to go to many and these are my 7 favorites!

The cafeterias:

Kyoudai 33

I think that this small café is my favourite spot to have coffee in Barcelona. It was not just coffee, it was a whole experience. 

Kyoudai 33 is a small Japanese cafeteria and very Instagram-worthy.

You can have brunch, coffee, cocktails, mocktails, or a Japanese snack. Their warm coffee is imported from Brazil and the cold brew coffee from Colombia. 

Kyoudai 33 - cool coffee places in barcelona Spain
Kyoudai 33 - cool coffee places in barcelona Spain

Once we ordered, we got these hand sanitizers smelling like flowers. It’s important during these covid times to be hygienic, but I love it more when the sanitizer smells lovely.

We ordered tea and coffee and got this small box to put the tea in and an hourglass. Once I turned it around, I had to wait until the hourglass was empty and I could take the tea out. See the video below to understand what I mean. 

We also got coffee with two cute hearts in it. If I were a bartender I would make these signs for all my customers, if I get happy of it, everyone will! Do you get happy of it as well?

Lastly, I enjoyed my Shokupan, a Japanese bun with smoked salmon, mayo kewpie, and shitake with tamari sauce. I had never had this before and had no clue about all the ingredients. But wow, that tasted good, the bun was so light and sweet, which was a great combination with the salmon and mayonnaise. 
I am in love with Japanese food and can’t wait to one day go to Japan and gain 100 kilos 😉 

Rocafort  33
08015 Barcelona
Kyoudai 33 - cool coffee places in barcelona Spain
Kyoudai 33 - cool coffee places in barcelona Spain

Little Fern

”Little Fern is a community-focused casual brunch restaurant located in the heart of the Poblenou district. Taking inspiration from New Zealand’s thriving cafe culture, Little Fern offers wholesome and delicious food paired with specialty coffee, signature wellness lattes, cold-pressed juices, and signature breakfast cocktails, all in a light-filled friendly atmosphere.”

It’s a nice place to have a coffee in this New Zealand-inspired spot. We went here to work and it was quite nice. Also because of the unique dishes, they serve here next to the coffee. I mean does ‘salted caramel croissant pudding with vanilla custard and sumac’ not sound amazing to you? I had to try this. It’s a bit too sweet but very unique and I am happy I got the chance to eat this delicacy. 

Carrer Pere IV 168 
08005 Barcelona 

Little Fern - cool coffee places in barcelona Spain
Salted caramel croissant pudding with vanilla custard and sumac

Cremat 11

Cremat 11 is a very small cafe, where I have been twice now. Not only the coffee is good, but the passion fruit pancake… wow! 

It´s way too good not to try. Both times had the pancakes, while I normally prefer to taste other dishes. I only found the raspberry lemonade a bit too sour for me. But other than that: go here! Make a reservation beforehand, because there isn´t much place. 

The guy that works there has a French accent, so it might be possible that they are. 

Carrer Cremat Gran 11
08003 Barcelona

Cremat 11

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Oma bistro

Weekends are for exploring coffee places and Oma Bistro was one of them. 
Did you know what oma means grandmother in Dutch? No, well now you do. Only because of the name I wanted to visit this place 😉 I don’t have a grandmother anymore, but does yours make good coffee? 
And does your grandmom make hearts in the coffee? 

Well, this Oma Bistro can! Just like the Majorcan bikini sandwich, which was delicious as well. It contained brie cheese, sobrasada, and honey on a hot sandwich in rustic bread. Quite sweet, but also cheesy, yumm!  

With the sun shining and coming through the glass, it was a perfect location for a date. 

Cl Consell de Cent 227
08011 Barcelona

Oma Bistro - cool coffee places in Barcelona Spain (2)
Oma Bistro - cool coffee places in Barcelona Spain (2)
In love with the Marjorcan sandwich haha


Lulu is a cool spot close to the Cathedral and it seemed pretty international. The staff was talking in English with each other. 

Lovely music and furious decorations that kept one do the staff members busy with the flowers.
The best thing about this place? No, not the coffee, not the chickpea toastie, no it was their cute dog walking around and hoping to get some cuddles from customers. 

I did not want to drop any of our coffee or chickpea toastie, just because it was too delicious (and I didn’t want to make the dog sick of course). The toastie contained vegan chickpea mix celery & greens. Healthy, but mouth-wateringly good. They have quite some flavors of coffee, every one of them just as delicious. 

Avenida Marques d´l Argentera 7-9
Barcelona 08003

Lulu - cool coffee places in Barcelona Spain
Lulu - cool coffee places in Barcelona Spain


Contigo is a small café in the El Born neighborhood. 
It’s surrounded by stores, so if you weren’t looking for it, you might just miss it. 

It’s that small, that it’s very easy to see the people walk by on the street or watch them shop at the fruit store on the other side of the store. 

My ice coffee was tasty and refreshing on this hot day in Spain. What I liked most was the art in the cafeteria. There was a big painting of a guy with coffee beans on his head. So if you are not enjoying your coffee, or watching the people outside, you can even study this large piece of art. 

Carrer del General Álvarez de Castro 7

08003 Barcelona

Contigo - cool coffee places in Barcelona Spain
Ice ice baby!
This painting is incredible!

Billy Brunch

This is the first place we visited after the restaurants opened up again in November 2020 (because of Corona).

They have too many good things to choose from. We choose one dish for both of us, the Maxi American. We had pancakes, sausagespotatoes and we really liked it! It had so much flavor. 

The coffee was the cutest we have ever had because they made a little bear! Teddy definitely stole the show. Who cares how the coffee tastes after that haha 😉  

Carrer de Bailèn 115
08009 Barcelona

Billy Brunch
Billy Brunch - cool coffee places in Barcelona Spain
Teddy definitely stole the show

More tips

I recommend you take a look at BCN coffee guide. All of our inspiration came from this website. They give the best tips in almost every area of Barcelona. 

Next to that, I recommend you to take a look at the Instagram of coffeine. He is a big coffee lover and shares his experience of every place he has coffee and takes great pictures! 

I hope I have given you enough inspiration today. We have been to many cafeterias, but these were our all-time favorites. If you want to go to a new cafeteria every weekend, I am pretty sure you still won´t be done after 2 years 🙂 And that is why I love Barcelona! 

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