Granada is like the beautiful, delicate land of our dreams; all those who see her, dream of visiting her again” - Chateaubriand.

It´s been a year since I visited Granada and I indeed dream of visiting her again. Have you never heard of Granada? It´s a city in Andalucía, the most southern province of Spain. It´s a Moorish, old city surrounded by the beautiful snowy mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada. I went two days to Granada in 2018 and will give you tips on what to visit there. 

Day 1 - Alhambra!

Do you know what is Granada most known for? Exactly the Alhambra.  This is a beautiful palace and fortress which is on the Unesco World Heritage list. 
So the first day in Granada you have to spend all day in on this site. I literally mean the whole day. 
We arrived in Granada around 12 PM,  went straight to the castle and stayed there until closing time (6PM). There are so many things to see and take photos of. This truly is a wonder to see! I also love that you can see the Alhambra from many places in the city, because it´s placed on a hill.

If you went to Granada but missed the Alhambra, you truly missed something. It´s one of the most visited places in Spain actually. 

Granada Spain
Granada Spain

After seeing this beauty we had to go to our hotel to check in and of course we got lost. When we finally reached the hotel (Hostal Camino Real) they told us they were fully booked, while we made a booking. Luckily they gave us another option, which was quite far, but the owner brought us there by car. Unfortunately, this hotel wasn´t in the center. 

Granada Spain - inside the Alhambra

Day 2 - exploring

The next day start your day with breakfast and this you can have at Duran Barista. It´s a nice small cafe with a breakfast buffet, that we discovered on Tripadvisor. A tip: Make a reservation if that is possible, because it is very small. 

After that go strolling through the center of Granada.
Because this was our last day, we rushed towards our next destination, Mirador San Nicolás. From here you have a stunning view over the Alhambra and the snowy mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada. The viewpoint may be very crowded and touristic, but it is really worth it!

I really liked the walk from the breakfast place to the Mirador, because we were walking through little white streets and the whole way we could see the Alhambra getting more beautiful, so I recommend to walk up to the viewpoint, because it´s really worth it.

Granada Spain
Granada Spain
Moroccan influences
Granada Spain. Mirador to see the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada
View from mirador San Nicolás

Arabic influences & Cathedral

After that we went to the Bañuelo, this used to be a bath house for the Arabs. As I said, Granada is a Moorish city.
The bath house was pretty small (in 7 minutes we had seen all), so I do not know if I would recommend it on any other days than Sunday, because on Sunday it is free to visit.
Other Arabic influences you can also notice at the Alcaicería. This is an Moroccan bazar where you can buy Arabic craftwork and also souvenirs.

After this, go to the cathedral of Granada. It is stunning to see from the inside and the outside. We were so lucky that both of our days in November were sunny! To celebrate the sun in Spain in November, we had ice cream on the stairs of the Cathedral. Life is good! 

Granada Spain - inside the Alhambra
How stunning is the Alhambra
Granada Spain - inside the Alhambra
I have too many pictures of the Alhambra 😉
Granada Spain
Again the Alhambra

How to reach

After this lovely ice cream we had to leave Granada, noooo! We both did not want to leave. 

Granada is 2,5 hours from Sevilla by car, which is pretty far. We booked our trips to and from Granada with Blablacar. We unfortunately, had to go back at 8. Besides that we had to walk 30 minutes to the meeting point and also needed a place to eat something. So after the walk we ate at… Burger King. 

Yeah, no tapas sadly. When you are in Granada, you have to try the tapas! We went to a random bar close to our hotel and even at this bar the tapas were good. What I like as a stingy Dutchie is that in Granada you get a free tapas whenever you order a drink hihi. 

Granada Spain

More days?

Do you have more days to spend in Granada? Lucky you! There is so much more to visit in and outside this beautiful city. One of the most coolest things you can do is go skiing in the Sierra Nevada. You will ski in the snow with a view over the beach in the distance. That sounds so absurd, I need to do this! 

What are your experiences with Granada? What else should people do in Granada? Do you want to go back for a second time? 

Granada Spain - inside the Alhambra
Granada Spain

Can´t have enough of my travel stories? Yay!