On a roadtrip to places by the sea.. I can´t wait!

I am finally going to meet my bf after 5 months of not seeing him! A lot has changed since I moved out of Sevilla, he moved to Barcelona! 

So what is this girl going to do? Spend a month with him in BARCELONAAA! I can not be more excited! One of the things that was on our list was going on a roadtrip, because that is what we love to do most. 

It was all a bit of a last-minute plan, as we wanted to see how Covid was doing. The week before that (1st of August) the cases were shooting up again sadly. So on Thursday evening we were booking hotels, a car (through Amovens) and looking for destinations. Most of the destinations were recommended by the land lady, maid and my sister who goes to that area every year. We were sure the destinations we would go to were worth discovering. 

The next places were recommended to us (and now to you), that we couldn´t visit:

  • Cadaqués
  • Tossa de Mar
  • Figueres 
  • Perratallada
  • Púbol

But we did visit other cool places! Let´s start with Girona. 



The first place we had to cross off was of course Girona, the furthest place on our roadtrip (102km from Barcelona).

Everyone we know had recommended us this place and also on the internet it was getting great reviews, so in the time before we planned this roadtrip, we knew we had to visit this place. 

Girona Spain
You have to try the ice cream at Rocambolesc!
Girona Spain
From the Medieval, grey, Jewish quarter...

Friday morning we arrived in Girona around 11 AM, and it was already 36 degrees… I knew we didn´t choose the best day to travel, but we forgot that with the mouth masks it would feel even hotter. We did explore the bridges, the Jewish quarter (if you are a Game of Thrones you have to go there, as a scene was shot there). Then we tried to escape the heat by going to the Catedral and Basilica, which were both amazing. 
I really loved both sides of the river, seeing all the colored houses and medieval Jewish quarter with all the small streets.

It´s such a pity that the Passeig de la Muralla wasn´t open, because you have a nice view from there.

After 4 hours of strolling around we were kind of done with Girona, the heat and decided to head to our hotel to drop our stuff there. We also felt that we had seen the most important sights of Girona. It´s a really pretty place to wander around, but I recommend you to not do that in the heat 🙂 

Girona Spain
To the colorful houses at the river side
Girona Spain
To the many stairs at the Basilica


After taking a dip in the pool of our hotel and cooling down a little bit, we decided to go to Pals in the evening. What a surprise this small town was. When I say small, I am talking about exploring for one hour and then you can be done. But it´s medieval and really pretty with cute corners everywhere.

After our one hour of exploration we decided to go have dinner somewhere. (Read the review on my Tripadvisor page).
Because of the heat we came in the evening, unfortunately the Torre de les Hores, according to the internet a tower with a spectaculair view, was closed at that time. So keep that in mind when visiting Pals. 

So yeah a delightful, little town with a lot of picturesque corners is the best way to describe this site. You don´t want to miss it on your Costa Brava tour. 

Pals Spain. Cute medieval town
Pals Spain. Cute medieval town
Pals Spain
Pals Spain



After going north on Friday, today it was time to go more South, which meant going in the direction of the sea. Dummy us, we never thought about taking beach stuff, while we knew we wanted to explore the beach side. What was going on in our heads? I guess that´s the disadvantage of planning everything last minute.

But anyway, after having trouble leaving the hotel (nice pool, view and bed haha), we finally made it to Begur. Even at the time we parked our car, we had this incredible view over the sea. The people that live there are so lucky to have that magnificent view every day. 

Begur Spain

It was time for the climb… all the way to the top of Begur Castle. Wow what a climb was that, but oh so worth it! After missing both of the view points in Girona and Pals, this made up for it for sure. You can see all over the region, which was pretty damn cool. 

So after spending some time here and chatting with the Italian cleaner, we decided it was time to go down. Why is it always faster when you go down or return? I guess our excuse is that we make too many photos on the way haha. 

Begur Spain
Begur Spain

Calella de Palafrugell

Calella de Palafrugell… I still wish we had taken our beach stuff with us to chill on one of the seven beaches. In fact, we actually went looking for a large towel, but they were all a bit pricy. Which I can understand in a town like that. 

Calella de Palafrugell Spain
Calella de Palafrugell Spain

It is pretty touristic and if you want a spot at the beach, you have to be early. But it is also extremely pretty and my boyfriend had the best Mojito sin (without) alcohol. Last but not least, visit the town! It´s not that big, but I always love to wander through those charming white streets. 

Calella de Palafrugell Spain
Calella de Palafrugel Spain



Lastly the town that surprised me most… Blanes. As a Dutchie I have heard many stories of youngsters going here to party and even our land lady wasn´t that keen about it.
When we asked her to choose between Lloret de Mar and Blanes, she said that Blanes is at least a bit prettier. 

So with low expectations we drove to Blanes on Saturday evening , we took a dip in the pool of our Airbnb and walked next to the beach. Already at that time I started to like it and I didn´t notice any of the party vibes, I noticed all the different cuisine vibes.

So my boyfriend and I decided to have a food party and try different kind of things, but sadly we didn´t eat more than Fried Rice at the Hong Kong restaurant and special fries at The Shack. Both were magnificent. 

Blanes Spain
Blanes Spain
Can you see me? 🙂

On Sunday morning we went to climb the big rocks and had a brilliant view over the coastline. This is something you must-do when you are in Blanes. 

After that we strolled around the center, had lunch somewhere and decided that we have to come back here. To enjoy the beach (duh), go snorkeling or diving, visit more restaurants and to visit the castle on top of the hill. For us it was more than just a party place. 

At that time we sadly had to go back home to hand it our car. And we also wanted to visit Montserrat, but because that´s not part of the Costa Brava, I will write more about that amazing place in a different post. 

Blanes Spain
That hill we will climb one day in the future
Blanes Spain
All sweaty after climbing the rock

Another roadtrip. Again we visited wonderful and very different places. From the colorful houses in Girona, to medieval, small Pals, to Begur with it´s amazing views, to delightful Calella de Palafrugel and last but not least fun Blanes. 

Which place do you now want to visit? Or did you already visited these places and have a whole different view of the towns? Please let me know in a comment below.  For now, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got some inspiration on where to go. Have a wonderful day!

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