Poros, a beautiful island close to Athens

Greece has so many beautiful islands...

In 2017 I finally went to a place I really wanted to go for a long time… Greece… and we visited Athens. (Want to know what to do in and around Athens? Then you can see this post). 
Because I was in Greece, I found I needed to visit an island. I wanted it to be close to Athens, so after doing a little bit of research, we concluded that Poros would be our next destination! Boy, what a good decision that was…! 

Approaching Poros
Cute cat

Poros is fantastic! It´s both traditional and touristic. We first wandered around and visited a small supermarket. Don´t you think it´s fun to visits supermarkets in other places/countries? Sometimes you see the most funny and new things. 

After a while we decided to go to the clock tower on top of the island. It was not a hard climb and it only took us around 20 minutes. We were there completely on our own, with the most incredible views. I will never forget that sight.  

We walked around the island and I loved it. The small and cute streets are great to wander. Go here, if you want to escape Athens for a day! 

Poros Greece
The view fom the clock tower
Poros Greece

This was by far my favourite day of our holiday. I heavily recommend you to go to an island by boat if you are going to Athens. The views from the boat were just absolutely phenomenal!

While sailing to Poros, you come across the islands Aegina and Methana. When I saw the islands flood by, I was hoping Poros would be just as amazing as them.  
After 2 hours sailing we arrived at Poros, a little island with 4000 inhabitants. 2 hours sounds a lot, but isn´t because the sail there is amazing. 

There is not really something you can do on this island, besides visiting the clock tower. But we still walked around the island all day and loved all the little streets and all the views. This island is so photogenic, I actually want to add even more photos to this blog 😉 

There are a lot of islands in Greece. Which one is your favorite? 

Does this not look straight out of a magazine?
Amazing views from the clock tower
Methana - cute yellow bus (reminded me of the USA)
Cute streets!

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