Portugal boat Culatra. Sleeping on a boat!

Sleeping on a boat called ´Booby Blue´ in Portugal

Sleeping on a boat sounds like a dream to me!

Did you ever sleep on a boat? Would you like to do it? I did it in Portugal and it was super fun! 

In June 2019 my boyfriend and I went to Portugal for a couple of days. As we were booking hotels, we saw this very special offer on Airbnb… to sleep in a boat. I thought doing something like this is expensive, but I was surprised! We paid 56 euros for two people and one night. Pretty cheap if you tell me. 

Portugal boat Culatra. Sleeping on a boat
The boat ´Booby Blue´


This boat is located on the island of Culatra, an hour away from Faro, which is in the south of Portugal.

We went from Sevilla to Olhão by car, parked it there for free, and walked to the ferry that would bring us from Olhão to Culatra. The ferry was only just 4 euros up and down.
When we got off the boat, our hosts were waiting for us, so that was easy. 
If you are planning to visit the Algarve, the beautiful southern region of Portugal, this is a cool idea to do! 

Portugal boat Culatra.
Culatra island
Portugal boat Culatra. Sleeping on a boat!

The hosts and their hospitality

The hosts are called Will & Isabelle, they are very friendly and welcoming. Next to English, they also spoke French, together with their two friendly sons.
It was very interesting to see how everything works on a boat and listen to the stories from Will & Isabelle about their beloved ´Booby Blue.´ We loved the name!
It was interesting to hear, how they end up buying a boat and how they live on it…  Especially when you have children, that still have to go to school. 

We also enjoyed the food they had prepared for us, Chicken, potatoes, salad… it all tasted delicious.
They did ask us beforehand what we would have liked to eat and you can also choose to not have dinner on the boat. It cost us 15 euros per person. I would say to take this chance, as you don’t do it often and you get to hear more about their fascinating life. 
See the video for the food they prepared. 

Portugal boat Culatra. Sleeping on a boat!
Will & Isabelle

Our cabin

The small cabin we slept in, was just big enough for the both of us. Yet it was cozy and amazing to see the water rising every hour in the night and then see the sunrise early in the morning. That was one of the prettiest things I have seen! 

I also was scared about getting seasick, as I have never slept on a boat before. The water also only rose in the night. Still, I did not feel this. Maybe, because traveling here made me tired. 
Be aware that it can be chilly on a boat, we did not think of this, but Isabelle was so kind to give us jackets. 

If you want, you can of course also discover the island of Culatra. It is not very big, but it is gorgeous and a place you might not visit again. 

Portugal boat Culatra. Sleeping on a boat!
Sunrise was amazing
Portugal boat Culatra. Sleeping on a boat
The cabin we slept in

How to find them

This was truly a unique experience, with the most lovely hosts. I will never forget the ´Booby Blue´ experience and hope to meet Will & Isabelle again in the future.
I can recommend it to everyone, as the communication is really good. They were waiting for us at the port, made delicious food, and offered us clothes because we felt chilly. If you want to do something romantic with your partner, this is your chance. 

Would you like to stay here? Let me know in a comment below! 

Would you like to have breakfast with this view?

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